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Down for the count



Who knew an innocent little plant could do so much damage? Since my last entry, my poison ivy morphed into a terrible case of hives. And by terrible, I mean that about 45% of my body is covered in red welts and my skin has been scratched raw. Fun times!

The hives multiplied on Saturday while I was frolicking around Six Flags with my bridesmaids for my bachelorette party. Apparently, poison ivy and rollercoasters do not mix. I ended up in the ER that night, where they gave me steroids and high-dose bennadryl. I’ve been doped up on medicine for 4 days straight. The poison ivy dried up after the first day of steroid treatment, and the hives are FINALLY starting to go away. It’s been a very long, very itchy ordeal – I haven’t had a solid night’s sleep in about a week!

Lessons learned:

– Don’t go near poison ivy, even if you think you’re being careful!
– If you develop a rash, wash everything (body, clothes, shoes, etc.) right away, because the plant oil stays on things and will keep spreading
– If the rash is bad, go to the doctor right away. I put it off thinking I’d get better on my own, and got much, much worse
– Don’t bother with plain old calamine lotion. IvyRest, an anti-itch cream, worked the best for me. Ice and cortisone cream also helped greatly.

The good news is that it looks like I’ll be blotch-free by the wedding. I was seriously considering a bridal turtleneck!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

heather had this to say on 05.18.05:

Mindy, so sorry to hear that the rash got worse…YUCK! But am thrilled to hear that it should be all cleared up by the wedding day! Good Luck.

merideth had this to say on 05.18.05:

dude…i’m soooo sorry…i had poison oak all over my head because, after returning from hiking, my toxin-coverd dog went to sleep curled up on my pillow…i had no idea she had the stuff on her until i woke up itchy the next a.m…by mid-day i looked like Monica in the fat suit…you’ll be all sorted out by wedding day for sure!

Jess had this to say on 05.18.05:


Wow, girl, I’m sooooo sorry to hear about your woes and especially concering their proximity to your wedding!!! Glad to hear the docs were able to dope and heal you up. You’ll be feeling 100% in no time…


Graham had this to say on 05.19.05:

Been there, itched that! Get well soon.

Mary had this to say on 05.19.05:

Oh no!!! I really hope everything’s gone before the wedding! That would suck, in a big big way!!!

Eilis had this to say on 05.20.05:

Mind–Glad to read that you are feeling better! What an ordeal. The countdown to the wedding has begun…a week from today we’ll be practicing! Can’t wait.

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