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Our sleepy little neighborhood has some swoon-worthy old houses for sale right now. Half of them are on the same road, including two pink ginger-bready houses, a gray Queen-Anne style, and an Italianate that we use as our role model. In fact, three of the houses were on our walking tour post. I’m not sure why half the neighborhood is taking off, but it’s a great opportunity to buy your own fixer-upper. And in case you haven’t noticed, the area is VERY affordable!

Here’s the Italianate – it just went on the market a few days ago, but it’s up on the web here – for $157,000, you can have this and the huge carriage house that goes with it!


We love this color scheme, by the way. And the porch. And the awesome porch light. Mmmm.

Here’s the pink gingerbread – the sign out front says Price Reduced and Agents Welcome, I think they’re having trouble selling it so somebody ought to make them a deal!


Just a heads up to those of you looking to get into your own old house ;)

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Sara had this to say on 04.05.07:

Wow,that is a good price!!! Too bad it isn’t somewhere with warmer weather.I am trying to find a summer /vacation house but do not want the same weather( we are in Wisconsin) COLD!!!!! I wish it was that price in CA.(just dreaming!!!!!)

Leslie had this to say on 04.06.07:

Uh… let’s make that “OWNING a cool old house”…

Gail had this to say on 04.06.07:

Drool Drool Drool! If I could stand the Central New York winters again (I grew up in Cayuga), I’d be up there in a flash!

Victoria had this to say on 04.06.07:

*wipes drool*

I love the gingerbread house! If I could think of a way to take my granddaughter with me…we’d be neighbors!!

merideth had this to say on 04.07.07:

wow. we just had to have a discussion re whether we could handle all the snow and cold…because those houses are really tempting!

Mindy had this to say on 04.07.07:

Yeah, that’s the big tradeoff. You can have a giant house, lots of land, a quiet and quaint neighborhood… but you’ll also be staring at the window at snow until at least late Mach. We had snow on my birthday again this year, April 5th. :(

We daydream about moving south someday to a place where the sun shines more, but leaving such affordable living (not to mention all our close family and friends) would be very tough.

colleen had this to say on 04.08.07:

well i live in az and its so expensive here. im in the mountains we bought our place end of 98 for about the cost of the grey one . place on our road just sold for $450,000. real estate is crazy here. trailers [modular homes]selling for $250,000 and town homes for $350,000. its just nuts like cal prices. so mindy are you going to paint or not???

Kristin had this to say on 04.13.07:

You could move to Eutaw for similar prices. It’s very warm here! A little TOO warm actually. Maybe we should both move to somewhere in the middle, like North Carolina. Or I’ll come live with you in the summer, and you come live with me in the winter. Ha!

One day I’m going to be fabulously wealthy and buy a “summer home” somewhere in the great white north.

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