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Drywall: Kinda heavy, it turns out.


When you and your husband are trying to hold a piece of drywall up over your heads while standing on two shaky ladders, one of you perhaps wearing flip-flops, and you can’t get it to fit exactly right, it’ll start to feel pretty damn heavy. And when the “dead man” wooden support falls, and the drywall comes crashing onto your head (which, luckily, acts as the perfect support brace), it’ll give you a nasty headache.

Putting drywall up on a 10-ft ceiling was no fun. But it was over quickly, and we’ve nearly forgotten the pain. Teague’s STILL working feverishly – he’s got that glint in his eye, so I don’t dare try to stop him. The kitchen walls are all in place and he’s working on seams as I type. There wasn’t enough room in the kitchen for two people to work, so I worked on getting the upstairs cleaned up and organized, a job that we’ve neglected since, well, moving in. I spent 12 hours up there, but it’s looking decent AND everything is now in it’s proper place. I came up with some creative storage solutions, sine we’ve only got 3 closets in the whole house. Overall, I took care of lots of little things that had been bugging us for months. It’s funny the things you overlook for so long, then suddenly become aware of when the prospect of visitors opens your eyes!

Pics to follow, I swear……. lets see how much we get done by Monday!

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Barbara had this to say on 11.14.05:

Use a dry-wall lift/jack next time you have to do this! It’s much, much easier, and one person can do the work. My husband used one to install plywood on our kitchen ceiling (a base for the tin ceiling).

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