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East Coast Housebloggers – Antique Shows?

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Gary’s latest post over at This Old Crack House reminded me that Antique Show season is upon us. I have always loved garage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets, so antique shows leave me squealing with glee and wishing I had won the lottery or been born a Hilton. Ok, maybe not a Hilton – I don’t like antiques that much.
I’ve read great things about the Brimfield Antique Show, held in Brimfield Massachusetts. It’s on my list of “must-sees”, and would make a good weekend getaway for us. The summer show (July 11-16) apparently has the best bargains because of lower turnout (everyone is vacationing or too hot to sort through fields of antiques). Here’s a short description from their website:

Brimfield is considered the largest outdoor antique show in the country. There are approximately 5000 dealers in 21 different show venues (often referred to as fields). The show geographically covers one mile on each side of Route 20. The show runs Tuesday through Sunday 3 times a year in May, July, and September.

Any house bloggers thinking of going to this one?

One I know we’ll be at for sure this year is the Madison-Bouckville Antiques Show, which is being held on August 18th and 19th this year and is the largest show in our area. It boasts over 1,000 dealers and sprawls across 90 acres of farmland. Vendors also line the street, and you can spend all day wandering through their booths without ever getting inside the main gates. It’s large, and full of fun finds, and I can’t wait. We have a big ‘ole truck now…. I guess I should start saving so I can fill it up, eh?

East Coasters – have any of you been to Brimfield? Is it worth a trip? Anyone planning to be there in July, or at the Bouckville show? We could have a meet-up!

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Kristen had this to say on 05.28.06:

Brimfield is totally worth it. I haven’t been since my parents last “dragged” me around there, and I didn’t appreciate it then, but I’ve been meaning to get back. It’s probably only about an hour and a half from Providence, so I really have no excuse. My friends go as often as they can and come back with some good stuff. In fact, they went a few weekends ago even when we were having that torrential, crazy, end-of-days rain. That’s how good it is. :-) That would be a great summer getaway for you, and what with the truck to fill and all …

Kristin had this to say on 05.30.06:

You’re making me terribly jealous. The closest thing I’ve got to an antique show is our trade days, and this year was kinda sad. :(

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