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Enemy #2: Water

Major Projects

Our first enemy was the dreaded draft……which we beat into submission by stuffing every crack and crevice we could find with insulation and expandafoam. But now, a new enemy has emerged….

We had some water in the basement on Tuesday. It has been rainy, windy, and miserable most of the week, so I’m just glad our chimney hasn’t blown over yet. But the water was dripping down the foundation wall near the basement steps, which is why they currently look like this:

(click for larger)

Teague is talking about installing gutters this weekend. Cause we were thinking, what else can we add to our to-do list? It’s just not long enough yet!

Some good links for those with wet basements, courtesy of Don:

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

tchotchke had this to say on 12.05.04:

Do you have to do laundry in the basement? I wouldn’t want to go down those stairs if they had water on them..slippery…I’d be an accident waiting to happen.
One of the first things I did when we bought the house was have a washer hook-up put on the main level of the house. I hate my basement and I refuse to go in it. I have creepy crawl spaces and stuff. I don’t even like thinking about my basement! It makes my skin crawl! :)

mindy had this to say on 12.06.04:

Actually, we’re lucky – we have our washer and dryer hookup on the second floor. No carrying laundry up and down stairs at all! I love it. Although, I’ve noticed that alot of our clothes sit on top of the dryer instead of in our drawers… it’s too easy to be lazy about putting away the clean things.

Our basement is definitely on the creepy side, and I am not too fond of going down there by myself. I’m getting used to it though.


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