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Explore the Scott House


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we haven’t been too productive at the house these past few weeks. We’re still moving forward with the basement parging and jacking, but it’s not too thrilling to write about. We’ve also been busy with our other jobs – you know, those ones that pay all the Home Depot bills…. so excuse my lack-o-posting. Once the snow stops falling, I’m sure we’ll get spring fever and start pulling apart every room in the house.

In the meantime, while researching for university job, I came across this fancy virtual tour of a beautiful old home:


The Virginal Commonwealth University Scott House

Be sure to check out the beautiful stairway railing details, and the plaster frieze on Floor 2.

From the site:

The Scotts chose the Marble House, a Vanderbilt mansion in Newport, R.I., as the inspiration for their city mansion on Richmond�s most fashionable street. The Marble House, in fact, was patterned after the Petit Trianon in Versailles, which was built for Louis XV between 1762 and 1768. Like the Marble House and Petit Trianon, with their strong and imposing fa�ades of towering columns, the Scott House conveys a feeling of wealth, power and leisure.

Hmmm. I’m definitely getting the “wealth” vibe loud and clear!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Jason Luther had this to say on 03.22.06:

I’ve followed your site for a while now, as I’m also in the midst of a major home renovation. You always seem to have great info here.

This post motivated me to comment because my wife and I used to live in Richmond and have recently been nostalgic for the area (we have now lived in Philadelphia for almost 2 years). Even though I’ve never visited the Scott House, it reminds me of many of the old grand homes and buildings that we used to see all the time there.

It’s definitely a great area to visit in the spring if you ever get the chance, and a good cure for those NY winter blahs (summers, though, are oppressively hot and humid, yet I strangely miss it).

I just want to add that I’m also a web designer and I think your web sites are quite cool.

Well, this comment has turned into an essay. Sorry for the long post. Keep up the good work in all areas.

Ronni had this to say on 03.23.06:

Hey, I’ve been in this house! I went to VCU, still live in Richmond and went on two house tours here. A few years back this was a design house and they offered a “bare bones” tour. The house had been emptied and gutted where necessary so we could take the tour “before and after” tour. This all happened while I owned a cute little bungalow that required very little work, now, well it’s a whole different world! I was so amazed by the building even in the dirty, dusty phase. The “after” tour was over the top amazing! All the designers were local and did a fantastic job, I visited twice, once with a friend and then again with my mom, I couldn’t see it enough! Trully, it was beautiful. Thanks for finding it and sharing.

Sheila had this to say on 03.24.06:

I’ve been to the Marble House in Rhode Island. The staircases are virtually the same, with the exception that the Rhode Island one is all marble. This house is not near as fancy, but you can certainly see the resemblance to the Marble Houston.

Anonymous had this to say on 03.25.06:

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