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Please excuse the lousy quality of these photos – they are from the realtor’s online website. We should have better photos soon, but these will do for now.

The house was built in 1890. It’s a two-story, about 2,200 square feet on .42 acres of land (we’ve got a nice backyard). There is no gargage right now, just a tool shed to the left of the house. It’s covered in clapboard siding and has an interesting paint scheme – it’s a robins-egg blue color with dark red trim. I wasn’t too fond of the color at first, but it’s growing on me.

(Photos below the cut)


The house from the front – I think we’ve this is an Italianate style house, which is late victorian era. I’m in love with the cupola.


From the side, you can see just how massive this house is. Note the bay window and awesome wrap-around porch. In the way back you can see the “annex”, a portion of the house that has been left to rot and crumble. We’re not sure if this area is salvageable, but if it is that’ll be Teague’s workroom.


The porch. This is a good shot cause you can make out the window casings/trim.


Another one of the porch. Note the Christmas lights still up!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Nick Hodapp had this to say on 02.08.05:

“22,000 square feet on .42 acres” ???

I love the cupola – does it have a view?

Aunt Terry had this to say on 06.20.05:

What…no wedding pictures yet!!!

emanuela had this to say on 11.11.05:

AAwwww …. I’m sooo envious!!!! Great job guys!

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