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Fall Checklist – Getting Closer


A while back, I posed our pre-winter to-do list. And because we had a very quiet weekend with no real house-related accomplishments to speak of other than a few washed windows, I thought I’d make myself feel better by going through our list and checking things off.
Our must-do before freezing temps list:

  • Finish the upstairs electrical
  • Insulate the outer stairwell wall
  • Hang drywall in the hallway and stairwell, including the ceiling
  • Insulate as many other outer walls as we can before winter (using blown-in)
  • Re-varnish the french doors with a few coats of spar varnish to protect them this winter

The want-to-do’s are:

  • Wash all window exteriors (they’re nasty)
  • Strip and stain the other front-door (I did the first one last summer)
  • Replace the side door with something a little thicker and prettier that actually closes without a rough hip-slam (we have the door already, just need to put it up)

So… we’ve gotten through all the must’s and one of the wants. Not so bad, since it’s still September. We’ve yet to start either door project, and we definitely have to sneak in some lawn maintenance before the local wildlife mistakes our back yard for a swamp, but overall we’re in good shape. My oh-my-god-winter-is-coming panic has very nearly subsided.

How are you all doing on your pre-winter checklists?

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Ralph's House had this to say on 09.25.06:

Down here in Fla. we have a summer checklist. Now that “winter” is coming we can actually accomplish things, during daylight hours and while wearing clothing!

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