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Fall Chores


Holly Hobby Raking leaves

It’s time to start buckling down for blustery winds and dropping temps. Around our house, that means we have to accomplish the following before the snow flies:

  • Clean and store our patio and porch furniture
  • Check the caulk and seals around our windows and doors, install new weather-stripping if needed
  • Wash exterior windows one last time (so I don’t have to stare at the same dirt all winter long)
  • Drain and store garden hoses, shut off the exterior spigots.
  • Clean out our gutters and downspouts
  • Test the boiler and radiators (we did this about a month ago), get the boiler maintenance guy over to clean it out
  • Clean out the gardens and trim back our plants and trees
  • Clear leaves from the basement window wells and around the foundation to ensure good drainage
  • Rake the leaves once they fall – most of them are still on the trees! This is a good thing, because it means we’ll get one crazy day of wind that blows them all off at once. No need for multiple days of raking.

Also, because fall isn’t all work and no play, I’m adding a few of my personal fall activities….

  • Put all my Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations up around the house and yard
  • Carve a few pumpkins for the porch
  • Drink a mug full of hot apple cider from a local mill

What fall chores have I neglected to put on my list? I’m sure there are plenty more to contend with before winter….

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Trissa had this to say on 10.09.07:

Makes me tired just reading the list, Mindy! Want to come over and get our house ready for winter afterwards?

Mary Beth had this to say on 10.10.07:

I don’t know if you have this problem, but we’ll need to put up some kind of barrier (burlap, etc…) around our bushes this winter as the deer had completely defoliated and nearly killed a couple of them last year. We also have an attic window that gets a screen in the summer and a glass window in the winter. We’ve scheduled the glass man to come out next week and replace a few cracked panes too.

natalie had this to say on 10.10.07:

i sent you an email earlier this morning telling you how much i *love* your site, but i have a question. i just read your post where you added a closet in your upstairs. in the before picture there’s a radiator and in the second one there’s not. how did you move it?? our house’s boiler/radiator system has been broken since the 80s and plus we’re redoing the upstairs bathroom. we (the husband) sawed it off at the floor on monday night but we couldn’t even lift it. it must’ve weighed 350 pounds! (seriously) how did you move yours? right now ours is sitting in the middle of the bathroom.
thanks!! :-)

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