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Faucet Woes


Our new kitchen faucet is a dud. What a huge disappointment.


A few weeks ago we purchased a Pegasus two-handle high spout faucuet, very similar to this one, from Home Depot. We paid $179, an amount of money I had a hard time parting with even though the faucet was very pretty and exactly the look we were going for. And even though I know that isn’t that much money for a stylish faucet – in fact, it’s actually on the low side. Our reasoning was that we’d regret the money spent on something we didn’t love (even if it was less money), whereas this one would be admired and appreciated for many years and we would have no urges to replace it with something else.

Well…….. it would have been admired, had it actually worked properly. The sprayer part leaked badly whenever you ran the water. It was poorly put together and the handle/nozzle part was loose. Teague tried using teflon tape to fix the problem, but that didn’t work. Next he tried replacing the internal spring mechanism with something tighter, but that didn’t entirely fix the problem either. Finally we swapped the sprayer for a new one, only to find this one was even WORSE. Ugggh.

So in the end, we had to swap the Pegasus faucet for the old one we had (luckily we’d saved it) and bring it back to Home Depot. To their credit they took it back without any hassle. I guess if you’re going to sell something in your store that is both crappy and expensive, you better have a good return policy.

On the bright side, that’s $179 less in credit debt, so we’re going to live with the old faucet for a while!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Michelle had this to say on 01.26.06:

I don’t know how you feel about the Kohler brand and if you found a faucet they manufacturer to your liking; but I can tell you that we purchased a faucet that went with our period kitchen about 7 years ago and any time that we have a problem with it, we call Kohler, they diagnose the problem and send a part out with no questions asked. It is not that we have a lot of problems with the faucet; but parts that go bad with regular wear and tear are the ones replaced. It is part of their lifetime guarantee and it is great.

colleen had this to say on 02.17.06:

hey i bought a similar looking faucet at home depot but it was a price pfister about the same price. hope i have better luck , how ever ive delt with this co in the past and thier great!!! replaced shower handles, sent me lots of stuff until it worked . do you find that your sink is big enough??? and is the wood counter up to the sink ok? no rot . well back to the faucet we replaced a bathroom one with a price pfister and my husband liked the install. it actually had a inner rim for the plummers putty. thats why i went with the price pfister. good luck . things look great. colleen

Faucets had this to say on 08.15.06:

Ouch! For that 180$ you’d think it would be put together a little better. Not like they have to offset low costs with low production value..

And yeah, that is on the low side. There’s this neat one from some German company.. can’t remember the name.. that the water is lit up by LED’s to show the temperature (red vs blue). It’s great, and the design itself is great too. Wish I could remember the name of it. But it’s 2,000 dollars, a bit out of my range at the moment ;)

Gayle had this to say on 12.17.06:

Moen has the best faucets, I hear. But they are pricey.

Kate had this to say on 02.12.07:

My experience with Pegasus has been similar. I bought a pretty bath faucet set – handles, pop-up, towel ring, bar, and toilet paper holder at home depot. Can’t remember the price but it was somewhere around $100-$160. It has been working fine for about 5 years, but when my pipes froze, we had some trouble. They froze all the way up to the handle, and I pulled too hard on it. After the pipes thawed out, the side I pulled on wouldn’t shut off all the way. We took it all apart and I realized I broke the cartridge. Well after visiting my local hardware store, and an hour searching for the part online, I don’t think you can get replacement parts. I guess you should stick with the big names – more $$, but I am not having any trouble finding Moen, Delta or American Standard parts online.

Phil had this to say on 03.19.07:

Tried the pegasus and price pfister–both are junk. Spent the same you did and was very upset. The price pfister leaks and drips, and then it will not provide any water pressure. The pegasus felt cheap and did the same thing yours did. Very bad price pfister design. Will never buy price pfister or pegasus again.

Lawrence had this to say on 09.14.07:

I have the pegasus faucet like the one shown here. I can’t the replacement cartridge (any pegasus related part for that matter) anywhere. The folks at home depots have no idea either. If anyone has any idea please do post it. Thanks in advance.

Cy had this to say on 11.28.07:

I purchased the Price Phister Marielle style faucet set which is very similar to the Pegasus style (probably the same innards). One thing that started happening right away was the lever was loose and it would drop down to the off position by itself, especially when running hot water. This was VERY annoying, and the only solution I could find in the user manual or online forums was to replace the cartridge. Not an acceptable solution, considering the faucet had only been in use about a month. I later discovered that I could hand-tighten a ring just under the lever (I don’t have the manual handy to find the correct parts description). This one-time adjustment has alleviated that problem. Another issue I have has nothing to do with the quality of the faucet, and it is as much my fault for not thinking my selection through. I like the style for it’s looks, and I also like the high spigot because it allows you to easily slip large pots and pans under the stream of water. Unfortunately I did not consider the downside of this design. With the stream of water falling from such a height, it splatters water all over the surrounding countertop. The effect might be worse because we also have a pretty deep sink. I’ve been trying to train myself and others in the family to turn the water on low to reduce this, but turning the water on full blast just seems to be the natural instint with this lever and it is a hard habit to break. I want to try a different aerator that can be set to different streams, but the only ones I’ve found are very cheesy looking white or chrome units that to me defeat the purpose of installing a stylish oil-bronze finish faucet in the first place.

Back to the quality issues (yes, there are more). The handle has broken off the spray unit, and the spray unit dribbles water out the nozzle when it is supposed to be off. As if that’s not bad enough, there is a diverter valve underneath the sink (part of the faucet assembly) that is supposed to shut off the faucet when the spray nozzle is in use. Unfortunately, this diverter valve sticks once in a while, and when that happens neither the faucet or the spray nozzle works at all! The only way I’ve found to restore service when this happens is to turn off the water supply, disconnect the water supply line, and tap on the diverter valve. This has worked a few times now, but what a hassle! This faucet assembly has been in use less than two years. I really don’t want to pull the whole faucet for a replacement, and I am beyond the store’s replacement period by this time anyway. I spoke to someone at Lowes (I don’t remember off-hand where I bought it though) and he recommended I call Price Phister’s 800 number and ask them to send me a new diverter valve and spray nozzle under the lifetime residential use warranty. He said they are very good to work with. I have to give them a chance to make good on it. While it will require some more installation time on my part, it will not be as bad as installing a new faucet. I’ve been putting this off because it has been working all right for a while, but as I write this the kitchen faucet is again inoperable.

Sorry to drone on for so long, but anyone thinking about purchasing this faucet should think twice.

Mike had this to say on 12.29.07:

I had an awful experience with the Marielle faucet from Price Pfister. We installed it in June of 2006 rennovating our house after we were flooded from Katrina. The faucet produced extremely low flow and water pressure. My first reaction to the low water pressure was to replace the entire faucet, thinking that the internals were clogged with debris from the city’s water supply. Unfortunately, after putting a whole house filter in and replacing the faucet with an identical one the water pressure problem was not solved. After 8 months of living with this piece of junk faucet in my kitchen I finally replaced it with a Delta. Wow….what a great faucet……Never, never never, buy a Price Pfister……It isn’t worth it……I am out $218.00 X 2 = $436.00 plus tax. Thanks Price Pfister.

SuzanneSB had this to say on 03.10.08:

We bought the Price Pfister Marielle faucet set over a year ago when we got a new Silestone countertop and undermount sink. We have had nothing but trouble.

First, we noticed a leak in the sprayer and we assumed that’s why it was leaking under the sink into the cabinet below. Fortunately, Price Pfister has a lifetime warranty on parts, so they sent a free replacement. Also the sprayer will not stay seated on the Silestone so when the plumber came out he reseated it and replaced the sprayer. We still had problems with water pressure; we couldn’t get a stream of water out of the faucet or use the sprayer without playing around with the two. The plumber said we had a bad diverter and that was causing the problem. So I again contacted Price Pfister and had them send me a “free” diverter. However, it came after the plumber was here and I will have to pay another service call to the plumber to install the “free” diverter. That’s upwards of $50 here in Oklahoma City. The downside is that I don’t know how long it will last and I don’t want to go thru this every few months.

The last thing that happened is that the soap dispenser won’t work. It would probably work if I took it got underneath the cabinet and checked the problem out but I have two bad knees (knee replacements) and don’t like to put a strain on them. I have already tried extensive cleaning of the pump on the dispenser to no avail. I am thinking about replacing the whole thing if I have any more problems.

Lonnie Hedden had this to say on 03.16.08:

I have a price pfister faucet like the one above and I can get the cartridge out. I unscrewed the handle cover, removed the screw, holding the handle but handle won’t come off. If I get the handle off will be able to remove the cartridge at that point?

Gary V. Deutschmann, Sr. had this to say on 04.03.08:

We just used the high end of the Pegasus faucets in a complete bathroom remodel.
Thousands of dollars worth of work and now the walls need torn out to replace the shower faucet because it is virtually uncontrollable.
There is absolutely NO flow control with this faucet, you cannot get warm water until the cold is all the way on and blasting you out of the shower.
Needless to say, this consumes way to much water and runs us out of warm water almost instantly.
I only got shampoo in my hair before I was blasted with ice water.
And yes the internal controls are set to as hot as they can possibly be set too.
The plumber suggested installing a shut-off valve in the cold water line to reduce the flow rate of the cold water down to nil, in lieu of destroying the newly remodeled bathroom. At least that way we should be back to normal usage of hot water.
With the old shower valve, we could take three showers back to back and not run low on hot water. With this new shower valve, as I said, by the time I loaded my hair with shampoo, I was out of hot water already and felt like I was sandblasted to death from the high flow rate of water.
The only way to get our money back on this piece of junque is to destroy the tile work in the new bathroom!

Needless to say, we are POed to the max.


Jeff had this to say on 04.07.08:

I also have the Price Pfister Marielle in oil rubbed bronze. I’ve had low water pressure to the spout, but full water pressure to the sprayer. I’ve replace the plastic diverter(free from them) a total of 3 TIMES since buying it 2 years ago. Its an obvious design flaw, as I’ve seen the price on this version go down and down, as well as many of them returned ‘opened’ to H.Depot.

It looks great, but next faucet I buy I’m gonna spend more time looking at the diverters and connections,etc. All these plastic parts are so cheap, I miss the old bronze pieces that didn’t fail as often.

Linda Harding had this to say on 04.14.08:

I had lots of problems with my Pegasus also. The cartridge was broken & Home Depot had no clue what to do. After LOTS of hassle on my part, I took the entire part to Home Depot, measured it up with one they have one the shelf, bought it, opened it and found that UNDER the part on the inside of the package it says – “For Pegasus”. Home Depot was as surprised as I was. They truly have no clue as to what is happening there.

Jim Edgar had this to say on 04.21.08:

For those of you who have bought a Pegasus faucet from Home Depot, we wish you the best of luck. For those of you who have not, please don’t. You will do better to stick to the known brands: Moen, Delta, Kohler, etc.

Pegasus is a Home Depot in house store brand. The Pegasus name is a registered trademark of Homer TLC, Inc., a Home Depot subsidiary. While sold on-line by a few internet retailers, the principal retail source of Pegasus brand faucets is the Home Depot and Home Depot’s upscale Expo Design Centers. Pegasus is Home Depot’s name for its premium faucet and fixture line that includes sinks, mirrors, toilets, vanities, and door hardware as well as faucets. Glacier Bay is the lower end brand, althout we can barely see the difference between the two.

The Home Depot, of course, manufactures none of these faucets. They are made by a variety of companies and merely packaged by Home Depot under its Pegasus brand. Today the faucets are manufactured mostly by the huge Chinese conglomerate, Globe Union Group In the past they were manufactured primarily by Price Pfister. Some high end Pegasus faucets are manufactured by Paini Spa Rubinetterie, a very well known and respected Italian manufacturer. But it’s not easy to tell who makes what Pegasus faucet. Home Depot, which is pushing the brand identity, is not exactly forthcoming about actual manufacturing sources. Look for “Made in Italy” on the box to identify faucets probably made by Paini or go to the Paini web site to identify Paini faucets then look for the same faucet in a Pegasus box.

Customer service is a very big problem with these products. We get a lot of mail detailing bad customer service experiences at The Home Depot and with its suppliers. Home Depot will, of course, replace any defective Pegasus faucet at any of its stores. But getting parts and even installation help seems to be a mystery that would baffle the abilities of Hercule Poirot. The Pegasus web site has a “contact us” page that says:

“We value your feedback and are here to support you. If you have questions about your Pegasus products, need assistance with installation, or have comments or requests, please click here to contact us. Much of what we do is the result of feedback from our valued customers. It is our pleasure to serve you.”

But in fact, clicking on “contact us” takes you nowhere but to the general Home Depot “contact us” page that has absolutely no information about Pegasus faucets — does not, in fact, even contain the word “Pegasus”. Searching the site for “pegasus faucet parts” produced page after page of drains, shower arms, risers and other plumbing fittings, but not a single faucet part of any kind.

In the FAQ section of the Pegasus web site, the process of obtaining parts is described as follows:

“Your local The Home Depot store stocks most commonly needed replacement parts. You may also order any part at no charge by calling the toll-free customer support number for your product.”

irst of all we doubt the “no charge” bit. In our experience faucet parts are expensive and Pegasus parts are no exception. Secondly we know of no Home Depot store that even pretends to stock any but the most basic faucet parts — generic washers, for example — something any well-stocked general hardware store would have on hand — certainly no specifically Pegasus replacement parts. Lastly, no one, including the local Home Depot store manager, has any idea what the toll free number for Pegasus parts might be.

It is very hard to rate these faucets since we never know where they come from — nor, apparently, does the Home Depot. The brand itself is not established enough to have a stable reputation as of yet, and Home Depot has a much less than sterling reputation for in-house quality management. The faucets seem to be well made but with the occasional defect that suggests spotty quality control at the Chinese factories — indeed we have seen some Pegasus faucets that seem to have been sabotaged by factory workers – there could be no other explanation for the defects we observed.

Our advice is to stay away from Pegasus and Glacier Bay until quality control and parts availability improves. There are too may good faucet brands available for you to take a chance on an unknown.

For reviews of most faucet manufacturers, see our website at before you buy a faucet.


Jim Edgar
for StarCraft Custom Builders

J. Knisely had this to say on 06.24.08:

We remodelled and purchased Kohler K-169 fir the bathrooms. We are extremely pleased with them, but the kitchen version has little clearance above the deck. So we purchased a similar looking Pegasus at Home Depot. The only positive thing I can say is that it is beautiful. However, it began leaking a month or so after installation. We purchased another with hopes we had just got a lemon. Not so, the new one is leaking too. Don’t know what we’ll do. Haven’t found a suitable replacement yet.

John had this to say on 09.07.08:

The Marielle faucet we purchased less than 2 years ago has proven to have been a mistake. The spring mechanism that forces soap out of the soap dispenser is in need of constant replacement. Cleaning and flushing it out with water is not a fix. I got tired enough of have PF send out the part that the last time I told them I want 5 and I’ll pay if necessary. They did send them gratis. The diverter valve is going to need to be replaced at the least annually. After finally figuring out after hours of taking things apart laying on my back that it was the reason for our poor water pressure thru the faucet and looking at one that works properly, its terribly designed. The tiny brass plug that opens and closes to control water flow to the hose sprayer or the faucet is just ridiculous. I’m not a plumber but very handy. Hopefully anyone doing the same fix realizes you don’t have to replace the entire plastic diverter just the tiny valve on the inside. To get your old one out you just turn the water on quickly and catch it in a small clear container so you can see the o-ring and valve.

Steve had this to say on 10.21.08:

Doing some googling on trying to repair my Pegasus 674-410 pull-handle faucet which drips and has a bad rubber membrane insert on the top (that controls the spray function as this is a pull-out faucet)…came upon this site and confirmed my suspicions about poor quality of Pegasus.

I now have two Pegasus faucets gone bad in under 4 years. I did get the same mystery result mentioned above by Jim Edgar; I called the HD number on their site and was told by an operator there to call Pegasus at


but then got a voicemail box saying “all operators are busy, leave a message IF you own [certain model numbers, among them mine was not included]. So I left a message saying I have a Pegasus faucet that needs repair parts. I doubt I’ll hear back.

One thing is for sure, I’ll never EVER buy offbrand faucets again. Just not worth it.

Steve had this to say on 10.21.08:

Another follow-up and perhaps an opinion change: after some more sleuthing and number calling, I learned that my kitchen faucet is actually a Paini brand (high end Italian brand) marketed under Pegasus. I called their tf line which was 866-863-1500 and almost immediately reached an agent who is sending me the needed parts tomorrow. I stand corrected, at least from a customer service viewpoint although it was not easy to track them down.

mark hoffa had this to say on 01.28.09:

just bought a pegasus 2 handle high dollar kitcen faucet,its junk,no flow and the sprayer drips.

Sharon had this to say on 02.15.09:

On Feb 14 09 I got my Valentine’s day present, a new bixby faucet by Price phister from the home Depot. After my husband complaned about how the installation was, we found the faucet would not pivot, but the whole thing would turn, it would not lock down, no matter how tight you turned it, It broke taking it out, leaving us out the money. Anyway, Don’t buy Price Phisfter! However you spell the miserable thing, I’m to upset to look it up.

Pegasus Advocate had this to say on 04.02.09:

Jim has provided (mostly) correct information about Pegasus and Glacier Bay. Home Depot has had a difficult time and a spotty track record at supporting their brands. This has been improved in the past year with their addition of a new department that focuses on Customer Support for their brands, whether it be faucets, tools, or ceiling fans. It’s the Home Depot Proprietary Brands Call Center 877-523-0313. They take care of directing customers to the manufacturer for parts and product support.

As far as Pegasus and Glacier Bay parts being free, this is completely true. The manufacturer is contractually obligated to provide parts for these faucets to customers free of charge. Just be sure to read your warranty for exclusions and guidelines. The manufacturers are always willing to stand behind their products and support customers, but the problem was HD Associates not being trained on where to refer the customers to get help. This problem has been addressed by the Proprietary Brands Call Center.

$179 is not a very high price for a 4 hole kitchen facuet such as the one originally mentioned in this thread. Anyone who thinks that is a high price should do their homework on comparable faucets and see that something similar from another brand could be upwards of $400.

In regards to Jim’s talk about Chinese manufacturing, 90% of all faucets are manufactured in China, and most brands come from the same factory. It is ridiculous to think that workers would sabotage their products. What would they stand to gain from that?

Charlene had this to say on 04.14.09:

I have the Price Pfister Ashfield faucet and have had nothing but problems with it. No water when in the hot position. PP sent me a new ceramic cartridge, but still no hot water. Now to see what they will say

Elaine had this to say on 05.25.09:

I own a Pegasus pull out kitchen faucet. It has suddenly quit working. The problem is in the hose, not the controls. We are clueless on how to fix the problem, but can take heart that the $200 or so faucet was on closeout and only $30 when we bought it a year ago so we are not out much but a whole lot of hassle. Anyone have a clue how to fix this problem?

Kate had this to say on 05.27.09:

I bought a Pegasus brand faucet on sale at HD in Sep 2007. After installing it, the spout seemed unable to handle all of the water pessure and diverted half the water through the shower head (even with the diverter lowered). I called the customer service number on my warranty booklet and they informed me the part was back-ordered but they would send it as soon as it was available. I would have taken everything out and returned it right then if it hadn’t taken us 5 hours to get it all in. It took 7 months to recieve the part and there were no instructions as to where that part was to be installed. It is now May of 2009 (20mos old) and the entire shower diverter now refuses to lift at all, so no more showers for us until it’s fixed. They promised to send me a new faucet/spout, but, alas, it too is back-ordered with no ETA. To their credit, they do promise to ship it and I don’t have to pay for shipping, but beyond that, who knows how long it’ll take to get it working correctly. My faucet set looks quite nice and appears to be pretty sturdily made, however, looks can be deceiving! The customer service phone number that I have is: 1-888-328-2383 USA 8a-8p.

David had this to say on 08.13.09:

wow! i was impressed when i saw the picture above! that’s exactly the same faucet i had when i purchased my house. the sprayer was not working, but i never minded. two years later i saw the same faucet on clearance at home depot and bought it since mine had gotten ugly with the minerals in the water. since then, i have installed that faucet three times, to have the same results: the sprayer not working!!!! i called pegasus, they sent a replacement sprayer, replaced it, n THE SAME. I’m tired of replacing it so i Just left it like that. One thing is for sure, I’m never buying pegasus faucets again! not even if they’r free!!!!

stephani had this to say on 09.03.09:

I too am having a problem with my Pegasus kitchen faucet after only 2 years. #481-670F I had left a msg. at the telephone number on the booklet 866-455-4558 with no response. I read through this thread and thought before I called the number Steve referenced I would try one more time. Much to my surprise a nice gentleman named Tim promptly answered and is sending me out a replacement repair kit no charge. I don’t have it yet but will think positively. He mentioned they answer the phone there until 4pm Central and then corporate number picks up after that.

Tom had this to say on 11.16.09:

I purchased a Pegasus kitchen faucet about 2 years ago, and the handle has gotten almost impossible to move, and the aerator kept plugging up with fine black rubber particles. A new cartridge should solve the problem. Simple fix, I thought. I went back to Home Depot where the faucet was purchased figuring they would have the repair parts for their own brand name product. Wrong. The best they could suggest was to go online to a Pegasus website that no longer exists. Through much searching I found a customer service number that handles Pegasus warranty parts. 1-877-580-5682. They were courteous and helpful, (probably because they’re not affiliated with Home Depot) and will ship out the necessary parts tomorrow. Lowes keeps looking better and better.

Andy had this to say on 11.19.09:

We had Lowes install the Marielle faucet. Same story. If we try to use the sprayer, it doesn’t work and shuts off water to both the sprayer and faucet. The soap dispenser doesn’t work either. I may try to contact the company for a new diverter and replacement dispenser. Not sure i want hassle with it. I would not buy this brand again for several years unless I saw a big change in the quality.

Kim had this to say on 12.14.09:

I’ve got a Pegasus faucet from home Depot; the water pressure from the sink was about half that of the spray. In trying to find out how to fix this, ran across this website and after reading some of the comments, I figured I was sunk! However, I finally ran across the installation guide for the faucet, which had the model number on it. It also had a “need help” phone number that I had not seen. It is 1-877-580-5682. I called, and I actually got a real live person who picked up the phone. I explained my problem, told her I thought it was probably the diverter, (we have some pretty hard water,) and told her I couldn’t figure out how to get it out. She told me exactly what to do, and took my name and address and is sending the replacement part out tomorrow. Now I might change my tune once I get the part, but as of this moment, I am impressed with this company. The phone call took 3-4 minutes. Typically it takes 10-15 minutes to even get to the first real person.

Boston Standard Plumbing had this to say on 01.14.10:

I’m currently on hold for yet another customer with, who I’m told can give me a number to get pegasus parts… We’ll see. In the greater Boston area, there have been a TON of renovations that used Pegasus valves, and we constantly have trouble finding parts… so much so that we try to avoid the chase altogether.

I started googling while on hold now and found this thread, as well as the number listed for the Home Depot Proprietary Brands Center- which I was excited about- only to find “the number is not in service”!

So gave me the number 888-328-2383, and they just picked up-so I’ve gotta go.

Wait, the guy on the phone said “oh, pegasus? this is going to be difficult for you; there are 10 manufacturers. Email a photo to and they’ll contact you”.

… That’s just great. Good luck peeps!

Anna had this to say on 01.25.10:

Perhaps you should start a blog on FAUCET WOES. Is faucet repair a pipe dream? I found this after two weeks of Price Pfisters leaking. Yes we have a fixer upper, a new oldhome. Of the many many leaks the kitchen sink’s Price Pfister Genesis 533 is a curious one. It leaks out a hole in the back, at the base, and between rings and springs. Curiously the price pfister website does not have a name for the big-jiggy shiny part the spout handle inserts into, which has the weepy hole. Since all this ole house’s faucets leak a bit, we figured lets gear up to repair. It’s usually a few O rings and valves, how expensive could that be. Green thinking and all, let’s repair and not be landfill pigs. Ha. The flexible pull out hose of our Price Pfister may be the culprit leak origin, but you can’t really say, just replace for $60+ and see it if works. The cartridge may be the problem but you can’t really say until you spring for $60+ to replace that. Now we’re over half the price of a decent new faucet which we see by consumer complaints, may or may not leak right out of the box. Since we’re not willing to part with the down payment for a used car, at this point, I’m really favoring a hose-bib outside the kitchen sink window. I’ll spray it polished chrome to keep the inlaws happy.

Charlyboy had this to say on 02.11.10:

I bought 5 Pegasus bathroom fixtures, plus a shower/tub combo and did the install myself. Surprised to hear about the issues as its 3 years of hard use (for 2 fixtures) and average use for the rest in the house. There has been no failure of any component. I did see that they were Italian designed but so are Fiat’s. Anyways, the only issue I had was at the install of the body valve hot water would not come, just cold. I took apart the pressure valve and found that it was binding…probably from the assembly phase, just pushed in the valve with some force and it slipped into position. Closed it up and had hot water. For the people who ran out of hot water…that sounds more of a water pressure and/or water heating issue. Federal law says all showers rate at 2.5 gpm. Depending on how big your house is and how far water must travel a 50 gal. water heater would barely suffice for most medium 2 story homes. 75 gal or higher would resolve the lack of hot water. For the person who says there is too much hot water and not enough cold, check your stop valve flow settings and if that isn’t the case make sure that your hot water pressure valve is working properly. It should shut off the hot when it senses that there is too much hot water flowing in. Read the diagram/instructions and it will guide you on that mechanism. For those you are still reading this and shaking your heads. I am working on the final master bathroom remodel and researching high end & lower end bath hardware. Moen, Toto, and Delta so far are looking best for value, style and quality. Pegasus lacks certain items I am seeking for this remodeling job. So maybe this one time I’ll pass on Pegasus.

Michelle had this to say on 02.12.10:

We too have having an incredibly hard time with our Pegasus product. We have just recently remodeled our main floor bathroom. We removed the toilet, vanity and tub to replace everything. After much hard work we finally had everything in place and needed to install the Pegasus taps to the brand new stand up shower. Once we had it in, we turned the water supply on to the shower and realized that there is a steady drip from the shower head.l Just wonderful. Now that the “guts” of this garbage product are in the wall we have to come up with a solution. We called the Pegasus customer service line and they sent us a new cartridge. Please keep in mind that they did this 4 times. Nothing works. This product is horrible and trying on your nerves. We wish we could come up with a solution and enjoy our shower. For now the water supply is off to the shower and we get to use the toilet and vanity.

NEVER buy this product…You will regret your decision.

Jim had this to say on 02.16.10:

Following up on “Pegasus Advocate had this to say on 04.02.09”, we tested the toll free number provided by Pegasus and found it was not working. No one at Home Depot’s central offices had heard of the program, and in any case, it is now discontinued, if it ever existed.

At present, the best we can suggest is to call the Store Support Customer Service Number in Atlanta, 1-877-467-3409. You must have your model or store SKU number. If you have neither, you are out of luck. If your faucet has been installed for a few years and you have thrown away the box and instruction, you are unlikely to have either number. Our advice: when you install the faucet, cut out the model and SKU number from the box and place them in a baggie along with you receipt. Tape this to the bottom of your faucet. Even if you forget where you put it, the plumber will find it.

Ed Alvey had this to say on 03.04.10:

Does anyone happen to know the model number or sku of the faucet in the picture. It is the one I have and if I knew it would help when I tried to call. I always keep that info but when we bought the house they left us nothing! Any help appreciated.

Beth had this to say on 03.07.10:

Pegasus manufacturer provided free replacement parts. This faucet has a limited lifetime warranty. I called the number on my warranty card (1-877-580-5682), explained the problems (cold water leaks from control level, sprayer base corroded, pin hole in soap dispenser), and they shipped the repair parts. Before I located my warranty card, I read these posts and was concerned that I had to purchase a new faucet, but my experience was great. My faucet was installed for over 5 years before we had any problems.

Gregg had this to say on 03.14.10:

My pegasus kitchen faucet model# 852-6004 would only let water through the sprayer, not the main spout. After long waits on hold at the phone numbers listed here, I finally got the number for LOTA USA, 877-580-5682. They sent a new diverter valve with instructions for removing the old valve “Using the diverter removal tool…”. I just used needlnose pliars and twisted it out and up. They also only kept me on hold for 15 seconds, Kudos to the customer support though not the manufacturing.

SteveH had this to say on 04.06.10:

A few months back I did a lot of research after my second kitchen faucet in ten yr. gave up. An inexpensive one these days can easily run a hundred bucks. A friend who used to be a plumber had told me a few yr. ago that today’s faucets, in particular kitchen faucet sets, are not really made to be repairable but to be thrown out and replaced even if they are only beginning to leak a bit.

I ran across another fellow who is retired as a plumber but still does some repair. He told me that the brands you find in big box stores such as Home Depot, but the others, too, are almost all made in China and then sold under various co. names, some of which sound or appear to be US made but are not. I did some further checking and find that he is absolutely correct. The problem is that the Chinese-made ones are really just junk or not much better than junk. Occasionally one will last a while, but often they do not work out of the box.

Buyer beware…..

betty had this to say on 04.13.10:

We have had the pictured faucest for about 5 years and ,yes, last month we got the leak from the single handle. We called 1-877-580-5682, got a live person, they sent us the part in 3 days at no charge and my husband (who is not a plumber) fixed it in ten minutes.
Our model number was 891-1101. Just thought it would be nice to hear a success story.

Tuan had this to say on 05.04.10:

I had a Pegasus F1AA4702 single handle tub and shower it was more than a year now the hadle is stripped spinning aound call Pegasus 1-888-328-2383 but keep sending the worng part will not buy this nrand again not i’m stuck the part room just remodel can’t riff the hold thing out to change the dammm faucet

Ed had this to say on 07.20.10:

Purchased a Pegasus appears identical to the one shown on this web page for a remodel of our kitchen about 7 years ago. After about six months the sprayer didn’t work properly–wouldn’t shut off. After about 1 year the soap bottle broke off. Neither were important to us, so we lived without them. Yesterday the sprayer mounting nut just fell apart–corrosion with no apparent leak. What junk! After reading all the entries in this thread, I’m going to replace the whole thing with a Moen.

Brian had this to say on 08.04.10:


Susan Graney had this to say on 08.06.10:

Beware Price Pfister. Products and Service! Five months ago, purchased a Series 26 for my kitchen. Looks nice, but water shut off instantly yesterday and only works from sprayer. CS rep immediately knew the problem and offered to send a part, but I would have to pay shipping. Told him I’d paid $20 for basin wrench already so hubby could do the job and he said he’d waive shipping as long as I could wait seven to ten days before I could use my kitchen faucet again! He offered two day shipping but wanted more than the part’s worth. How many families can do without the kitchen faucet for ten days – what a pain. I had to pay the two day costs so that we can get it fixed,but it shows a lack of integrity on the part of PricePfister and I will never purchase another of their products. The warranty means nothing and customers with active warranty should not have to pay for shipping. There are many complaints about customer service and late delivery by PricePfister. Even though I paid for two day, I’ve been advised that I will be lucky to see the part in less than two weeks! Does anyone do their job right anymore?

Amanda Duck had this to say on 08.22.10:

Just like everyone else posting here, if only I’d have read this post before my purchase of beautiful junk.

Bridgette had this to say on 08.24.10:

I have the same faucet pictured and the cheap plastic “finish” is coming off the sprayer and it leaks out the top and back of each piece. POS.

Mark Wendorff had this to say on 08.31.10:

Water quit running from Marielle faucet and sprayer. After an hour of messing with it, I determined that the diverter was bad. I shopped around town, people treated me as if I was crazy. Apparently, Price-pfister quit making them. I found only a few overpriced replacement diverters on line. The diverter is the “T” shaped brass thing to which all the lines attach. I finally got the nerve to take the diverter apart. Remove all the attachments first. It comes apart easily with a cresent wrench. Inside, you will see a white plastic circle with a brass center. From the other end, knock it out with a screw driver. I took it to Ace Hardware. They had an exact replacement for $4.50. I slid it in, replaced the O rings and reinstalled it. Works great. I know this isn’t a review. But if you are going to put out big bucks for this faucet, or already have, then you need to know how to fix it without going ballistic at whatever home improvement center you bought it from. Now, for the review. I like the looks. It works well. But, I probably would not buy another.

Bill Branner had this to say on 09.17.10:

Single lever kitchen faucet, Price Pfister, handle got so stiff this week hard to move from right to left. Their website said cartridge should be replaced. Bought one at Lowe’s, put it in in a snap…but now hot water side is merely a drizzle. Cold side is fine. What to do, what to do?

Dan had this to say on 10.19.10:

The pegasus faucet installed in our new kitchen began to leak after several months. I contacted Pegasus and they shipped out a replacement part. Problem solved….but then it failed again I left Pegasus a couple of messages that were NOT returned. Got no help from Home Depot either. Poor quality and even worse “customer service”. Buyer beware….better yet, don’t buy Pegasus.

Reed had this to say on 11.07.10:

Here’s a suggestion. If you can open your mind to having a truly practical kitchen faucet adjust your expectations about appearances, you should consider the Dishmaster M76 faucet. ( My family has had one of these faucets since the early 1960s, and I’ve had one of my own (the same one) since I finished college twenty years ago. I take it with me wherever I move. It has a brush on the end of a hose which is fed soap solution from a tank in the body of the faucet. It is excellent for washing dishes, pots and pans and cleaning up the sink. Once you use one, you might never go back to a regular faucet. It’s not maintenance-free, but the maintenance you do is easy and the parts are available via mail and/or some hardware stores, like ours, who’ve been dealers for decades. Home Depot briefly carried them, but that was years ago. They are about $200. When I last called for parts, I found out that there is still a large cadre of loyal buyers who, like me, wouldn’t have anything else; the rep told me she hears stories like mine all of the time.

Robbie had this to say on 11.16.10:

I bought (at HD) and installed this unit in 2006. I replaced the valve cartridge in the unit today due to leaking around the valve stem. I also have hard water. I went to a local (Fort Worth) plumbing supply store and asked for the Pegasus valve. They didn’t have it but did have a Matco/Norca cartridge for TNS-100PB (part number 28562) that works great. $23 and I didn’t have to special order or wait for shipment. You guy’s scared me…thought I was going to have to wait weeks for a cartridge or replace the whole faucet. It was a good $120 investment for the original faucet… I also got it on clearance. HD didn’t know how to order it but they did put me onto the store to get the valve cartridge.

Craig Woodworth had this to say on 11.17.10:

The kitchen sink faucet shown at the begining of this article is the exact unit in my kitchen. A leak started forming around the handle itself no matter if it was in use or not. The model number of the faucet is 784-213. I did call the customer service number listed above (877-580-5682) in order to search out a replacement part. The individual I spoke with was friendly and eager to help. My part is scheduled to arrive in 3-5 days. Hopefully everything goes well with the defective cartridge replacement.

Nelson had this to say on 12.14.10:

Same issues as everyone else, with the Pegasus faucet pictured at the top of the page. From the very start it was a piece of shit I should have brought it back to HD a month after installed when the sprayer fell apart followed by the soap pump. No replacement parts stocked at HD

Julie had this to say on 12.27.10:

Well, i’m pretty happy. I have the same kitchen faucet as pictured. i called the number that others have listed above. It was in the owners manual which I kept. I read them the part number on the manual – 784-213. Since it has a lifetime warranty, they are sending me a whole new handle for free becuase i mentioned that the whole thing is corroded. My spayer works great too. True, it should not be leaking in the first place. The other faucets in my house of other brands are fine, but at least they are standing behind their warranty.

Bill had this to say on 12.28.10:

I have a pegasus k-200 USCR591ANTHD aka model 363857- its a long necked pull down kitchen faucet. I called 866-863-1500 because the volume had reduced to half its old pressure. Person that answered the phone immediately talked me through a test to see what was likely the issue and then had me take the water reducer out of the head of the faucet (it was an orange colored rubber valve in the faucet head) and it restored it to normal.
For troubleshooting I checked to see that the reduced flow was the same for both hot and cold water, it was indicating that the valve cartridge was functioning and one or the other side was not blocked by sediment. I then took the head off the pull down faucet and checked the water flow (with the head on it took 12 seconds to fill a liter bottle, with it off it took 4 seconds- indicating the stoppage was in the head.) I took the screen off the faucet head and cleaned it in white vinegar, but it was pretty clean. I then called and the lady talked me through removing the water reducer in the upper side of the faucet- basically just put a flat head screwdriver in the rubber flap center and pulled the whole orange/brown colored water reducer device out. She said throw it away- it wasn’t necessary. Its back to working great now. Wish Home Depot store was as efficient at service as the pegasus phone line was. I would have never found it without this webpage! Thanks to everyone that responded!

VIKKI HARROLD had this to say on 01.06.11:

The problem is HD ownes the name Pegasus and Glacier Bay. they contract with a few diffrent companies to make products and put them in Pegasus & Glacier Bay boxes. If you buy one of these products please copy all of the numbers off of the box before you trash the box. Also what country it was made in. Also the reason alot of parts are not avialable at plumbing supply stores or HD is because if you got them from them they would cost money verses if you call the manufacturer you would get it for free.If you have a faucet you bought in HD they have a great team that will help you identify & get parts for your faucet 877-527-0313….. I hope some of this information has helped

Johnny J had this to say on 03.03.11:

I purchased a Marielle Kitchen Faucet 26-3N when the kitchen was remodeled. I had a leaking problem with this faucet since it was installed. Price Pfister has sent me three diverts to fix the problem with no charge under the resident lifetime warranty. The last time the customer service sent a video on how to remove the diverter. But the video was on a plastic diverter and not the metal one that I have for this faucet set. Inaddition, it was removing the diverter and not on installing a diverter. The web site has the same video and this does not help my problem on the correct way to install a metal diverter. The customer service representative was helpful in that she explained that the stem end from the sprayer needs to pushed into the diverter with some force to be set in place. I have tried this on numersous times and to no avail did this work. This is my third diverter and two sprayer units later and no connections is working. Any suggestions?

Peter had this to say on 03.10.11:

One more comment on the Paini models of Pegasus faucets. When I called Pegasus, they immediately gave me the Paini support line because the model number ended in a “P”. (363 857P) The Pegasus person said I can tell by the P at the end that it is a Paini made model and you should call them for parts at 866-863-1500.

Ernest had this to say on 04.17.11:

I own the model shown, 784-213. It has leaks in the handle and spout. To get at the cartidge was quite a challange as the handle had corroded/cemented into place, but once I found the instructions I got bold enough to use a srewdriver inserten in the back end opening which pulling up on the lever and was able to remove the part.
The cartrige is not a repairable part and no amount of searcing has revealed a replacement. On Monday I will be calling the 877# some prior posts listed and will post my results.
All in all a stylish faucet that has worked for several years without catostrophic failure, until now.
Mineral deposits can be removed by soaking in vinegar, but the worst had to be chipped off. Still after 5-7 years and alot of cleaning, it looks brand new. Now if it would only stop leaking a gallon and hour, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!

Ernest had this to say on 04.19.11:

Follow up to prior post of 4-17-11.

I did call the 877# on Monday morning. The call was immediately answered by a live human being who, upon hearing the problem offered to ship the new cartridge at no charge to me. I am, thus far impressed with the service.

Lynn Cahill had this to say on 04.19.11:

I bought a Pegasus model #159-944 about 7 yrs ago. I no longer have a receipt nor could I locate a model #. It started to leak so I did some internet research and found a couple of ways to go about getting repair info. I first emailed Home Depot customer service and got a response to go into the local store for assistance. Of course, that was a waste of time the ‘dummy’ manager that waited on me said “this store wasn’t even here 7 years ago”–I told him “but the one accross town was”. He was of little to no help; told me to take the handle off and bring it in to see if his plumber could fix it. I said and if he can’t then what? Got the deer in the headlights look from him…told him I would continue my research and thanks for the “no help”. I then called Pegasus 1-877-580-5682. The young woman suggested I email a photo of my faucet to, and she would advise of my next step. The very next day I received a return email from her stating my model # was 159-944 and to return the email with my contact and shipping info for a free replacement part. I did that today so we shall see what happens when I receive the part. I must say she was much more helpful then the so called manager I spoke to at Home Depot. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

mac had this to say on 09.29.11:

I don’t understand all the fuss re: Pegasus faucets. I took care to save the faucet docs and box end with SKU. I had a bathroom faucet installed for several years, like it so much I bought another for a different room. After several years the cold cartridge froze. I called the number, push button for CONSUMER and went into hold hell for a very long time. I called back another day and pushed PROFESSIONAL (well, I am, just not a plumber) and got immediate help. They sent both a HOT and COLD cartridge immediately. Now if I can just figure how to change out the cartridge….

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