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Fixing the foundation

Foundation, Tips & Tools

Plans are in the works to start repairing our foundation problems. We’re doing it ourselves because we can’t afford to do it any other way, and because Teague’s father has a good understanding of the process and some hands-on experience as well. If you’ve got the cash, I imagine it’s probably better to hire a contractor to tackle this bit. But since we’re going DIY on this one, some research is in order.

Found some very helpful articles about foundation repair over at, including:

Another thing I learned online today:

We don’t need to buy 8 jacks – thanks to The Little White Bungalow for that tidbit!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

John M had this to say on 11.17.04:

I just found your site today (linked from somewhere I’ve forgotten). Y’all have found a beautiful house!

We’ll be raising part of our sagging house soonish… the hammerzone links will be helpful. I’ll check back and see how y’all approach it.

Booji had this to say on 03.29.07:

Just wanted to share another great site that has helpful home improvement tips and articles as well as an area to research local contractors…since sometimes the DIY turns into a complete nightmare, like our most recent bathroom work. Anyways, just wanted to share this site.

Booji had this to say on 03.29.07:

oops, url didn’t show

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