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Too cute not to share….

We don’t have many social gatherings at our house – I think we forget it’s not a hellhole anymore! But if we did, I’d totally want to serve dessert using this cake server from Uncommon Goods :

Cake server, saw

Have a DIYer in need of a gift? You can buy it on sale for $9.95 here:  Uncommon Goods – Saw Cake Server

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

jamaila had this to say on 07.12.07:

I love Uncommon Goods. It’s one of my primary gift-giving go-to places. That cake server is too cute! Now if only we had a table to serve it on… and walls to make a room for the table to be in…. ;)

John T, former web bitch had this to say on 07.12.07:

OMG! Chip has been talking about that non-stop for the last 3 months!

Jolie had this to say on 07.12.07:

Very neat idea! We recently attended a wedding for some co-workers who had this engraved on the cake table. The groom had bulit two houses previous to getting married.

Aunt Sue had this to say on 07.13.07:

The cake looks scrumptious too!!!! FUN

Trissa had this to say on 07.13.07:

I have not seen this before and I must get this. I’m slowly getting caught up on blogs now that I’m on summer vacation.
Congrats on the 15K btw- if I could run a 15k without training anymore!

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