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This handsome, extremely dirty guy has a proud look on his face because he’s pointing out his latest work – the framing for the back wall of the kitchen. It’s so exciting seeing where the new wall and doors will be!

Teague and Don (his father) were out there like little worker bees the other night, and their diligence paid off. They framed up the entire back wall, including the rough opening for the french doors. So now, it looks like this:

(click for larger)

There was an old roof (rotted and falling apart) with a new roof over the top of it – Teague cut through the old roof and brought the framing up to the new roof. We had to frame up the back wall so that we could remove other parts of the crumbling back annex without having it all collapse in on us. Here’s a view from underneath, so you can see what I mean:

(click for larger)

The next step is to finish removing the rest of the old stuff so we can get the dumpster out of our driveway. Not that I don’t LOVE looking out the window to gaze at our giant pile of trash….

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