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From MovableType to WordPress – a major p.i.t.a.


By now you’ve probably noticed our new look. Pretty snazzy, right? I thought it was time to clean up and simplify. What you might not notice is that the software running our blog has changed. After building a few sites in WordPress, I fell in love and decided to wave bye-bye to MT. Non-techies won’t care, but WP is so much smoother on so many levels. If you’re up in the air about which free blog software to use, I’m all about WordPress these days.

Anyway, on to the fun stuff. I’ve added a few features here and there, including better archiving (check out the bottom of the page!), a clearer category breakdown (sidebar on the left), and a soon-to-be-expanded Photo Gallery with Flash slideshows (link in the top menu).

The changeover did not go as smoothly as planned, which is why you might have noticed the site down, missing, or totally broken throughout yesterday and today. It seems to be in order now, though. Let me know if you run into any problems – as with any new site, it’s bound to have some quirks to work out.
Ooh, and if you’re in Internet Explorer 6 or lower, the bottom menu doesn’t look quite right – it’s missing some of the gray background – but since I’m a Firefox girl at heart, I decided I didn’t care enough to fret over it. I tried to fix it, I really did, but it wasn’t meant to be. IE 7 will be out soon, and it looks fine in that ;)

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Kristin had this to say on 05.30.06:

I’d love to move to WordPress myself but every time I’ve looked into it, the procedure for switching scared me off.

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