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Fuzzot Furniture: Making junk beautiful

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Months ago, over at One Woman’s Cottage Life, I saw some furniture that really caught my eye. Kim has a great sense of style and finds very unique pieces to fill her place, so I highly recommend you browse her site sometime. It’s very inspiring. Anyway… the kitchen island and table she features on her site were built by Fuzzot’s, a small business that takes reclaimed architectural house parts and turns them into seriously cool one-of-a-kind furniture. Well, they call it furniture. I call it art.

Here are a few samples of their work:

Shelf,  fuzzot's furniture

Coffee Table,  fuzzot's furniture
Bar, Tin Tile,  fuzzot's furniture

I love to see things being reused in new and different ways; I’m a big fan of “thrift decor”. Maybe because it’s about all I can afford at the moment, but also because it forces me to get creative about finding solutions for problems or “needs”. And these guys are nothing if not creative! I’m especially in love with their clever reuse of tin, and the way their paint finishes look so nice and unevenly worn – unlike the faux stuff you see in stores these days that looks just a wee bit too perfectly worn around the edges. They have a large gallery of thumbnails to flip through, with inspiration galore. I look at the pics every few weeks and sigh, because they are in Alabama and I am in Upstate New York, and furniture that size does not fit into an envelope. Pfft.

Even if I never get a piece of Fuzzot’s Furniture, I can drool. You can drool with me. And maybe someday they’ll start sending pieces up to dealers in our neck of the woods. A girl can dream.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Kim had this to say on 01.19.07:

Hi, Mindy! Thanks for referring to my site and the nice compliment. I find myself drooling alot, too, over these very unique pieces. I have a couple of pieces in mind that I’d love to have in the future (a pantry and a desk with shelving – we really have no bookshelves in this house and books are piled everywhere), but right now, we’re nowhere near ready to have new furniture and our budget is going to the oh-so-boring stuff like sheetrock and trimwork. But that site is really great to get ideas. I had never noticed the table in photo 148 – I love that!

I haven’t bought from them in a couple of years so I don’t know if they’ve adjusted their pricing since then. But when I did buy, their prices were so very reasonable, really half of what they should be. You can tell that they really enjoy their work, too:)

colleen had this to say on 01.21.07:

oh this is the best kind of stuff, there are mags out there with articles and books on how to reuse junk , does it get any better???? my husband is not a fan so much but every now and again …

Kristin had this to say on 01.22.07:

They are in Alabama? Whoa! I was just thinking, “yeah they look great and all, but no way they’re near me!” Must investigate further …

Kristin had this to say on 01.22.07:

Oh wait, they’re in Atlanta. Still cool, though, because my sister lives there (at least for the moment).

One Woman's Cottage Life had this to say on 01.23.07:

Hey Kristin, their website says they are from Tuscumbia , AL. I’m not sure where in Alabama that is, though…

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