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Garage sale time


This weekend, we’re holding our first garage sale since moving in. When my parents ran off in their RV, they left us with a bunch of new-to-us stuff. Their stuff was better than our stuff, so our stuff went away into storage. Now, it’s time to finally get rid of it, and I can’t wait.

My one regret is that attending to a garage sale means I won’t be getting much work done. But it’ll clear out our shed and basement, which makes more room for tools and materials. Productive, no?

If you’re in town, stop by and see us – we’ve got some fun stuff, including a nice 23″ tv and a green velvet couch that’d look perfect in an opium den. ;)

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Kristin had this to say on 07.08.05:

I wish I lived nearby … that opium den couch sounds lovely. :)

merideth had this to say on 07.08.05:

at this time, i insist that you watch and listen to Strong Bad’s take on the garage sale:

select “garage sale” from this list, and when the whole thing is over and the little paper thing feeds down at the top, make sure you click on the answering machine…

yeah…just go do it.

Todd had this to say on 07.09.05:

Hey, do you guys have any experience stripping woodwork? We’re looking at baseboards, chair rails, crown molding and a mantlepiece that look like mahogany under 3 or so coat of paint. Any thoughts?

I’ll follow the Homemade Silent Paint Remover link on your site too.

SD had this to say on 07.12.05:

“And dats why I like to scroll, with scroll buttons…”

I gave up on garage sales for many of the same reasons as Strong Bad. Now we have free sales. Whenever the weather is nice, we put stuff out by the mailbox with a big FREE sign on a post. It never fails and its a lot easier than taking our stuff to Goodwill or God’s Closet.

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