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Getting motivated for spring

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All us northerners are itching for spring. Technically, it started a few days ago – but should it really count as spring when it’s still snowing out? I think not.

Every winter Teague and I ask ourselves why we continue to stay in this depressed area with such long, cold days. But then spring comes, and everyone’s depression gets cured overnight, and the whole town is out walking and picking up sticks and just enjoying the freedom of being outside without four layers of wool and a fuzzy hat.

When the weather finally turns, we’ll be motivated to tackle the home improvement projects that have been staring us in the face all winter. We’ll finish up the little details we’ve been neglecting. We’ll be motivated and energized. Right? I’m hoping so. Because right now, I feel like I have to force myself to work on the house and that’s no fun.

Brad, over at Achieve-IT, has put together a good “8-Point Plan to Increase Patience When the Going Gets Tough”. The one tip that I found most applicable to our house goals (and current lack of interest in them) is this:

Do something else. A surfer can curse the ocean because there is no waves or he can “take a vacation” and go to a movie, read a book, learn to whittle until the waves return.

Because we live with our project every day, we rarely get to take a break from it. Even if we aren’t working on it, we’re thinking about it, planning and preparing for it, and worrying about how to pay for it. I guess sometimes, to keep the passion alive, we need to escape it!

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