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Half of a room….


is now lying upside down in our back lawn. Teague is pretty sure the neighbors watched with bated breath while he pushed and pulled and cut and chopped, hoping the whole house didn’t collapse on top of him. As you can tell by the photo, he put in another LONG but productive day:

It’s quite surreal, looking at your house and being able to see through it’s walls and ceiling. Having your old wall in pieces on the ground. Watching the closet door swing back and forth in the breeze. WEIRD, but exciting. Every time I come home from work it seems Teague has progressed to some big milestone on this project. I’m going to owe him big time, because he’s been logging much more time on this one than me, and I hate being a wimply little girl on the sidelines.

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The chunk, from the other side.

Take a look at that thing on the right – are aliens invading us? It’s not in the other photos, but mysteriously shows up in this one. I thought it was a board till I zoomed in….

Close inspection reveals it’s pink and blotchy, and the thing hanging off it looks like, errm, drooping male bits!

It’s probably just insulation fibers stuck to our camera lens, but hey, that was funny right?

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Mary had this to say on 04.29.05:

I love the “droopy male bits”. LOL!

jm had this to say on 04.29.05:

Holy SMOKE! Color me all shades of incredibly impressed. That is amazing!

And I also think that the droopy bits are hysterical. :)

Alex had this to say on 04.29.05:

Speaking of droopy mail bits of insulation, have you decided on the type of instulation to use when it comes time to insulate? I ended up going with the Recycled Denim/Cotton insulation. The stuff is great, it is thick, doesn’t itch at all, warm, flexible and more cutable (with a very sharp scissors) than fiberglass, and very soundproof. It is called Ultratouch from Bonded Logic. You need to also buy a 6 mil vapor barrier to put on the inside of the walls, since it has no paper on it, but it really went in so easily. Having worked a lot with the fiberglass before, I just learned to hate it. Well, it goes without saying that you guys are doing some sweet sweet work there. You will surely love it once it is done. You should put up some ridge detail like under the upper ridge. Get yourself some salvaged corbells or something.

mindy had this to say on 04.29.05:

Alex – We actually have 5 corbels we can use – 4 from the old porch and one that we found inside the house (from who knows what). So we’re definitely going to use them on the ridgeline.

We’ll probably go with the fiberglass insulation since it’s easy and readily available, but I’ll mention the denim/cotten stuff to Teague – sounds cool!

The most impressive part of this project thus far (for me at least) was that Teague just cut away the back half and pushed it off! It was mostly disassembled, and all the salvaged goodies were pretty much off it, but still – madness to watch! (I was peeking out the windows watching him kick at the loose portion while sitting on the roof… I was hoping I wouldn’t have to bring him to the ER anytime soon)

Kristin had this to say on 04.29.05:

Droopy male bits. That’s sort of fun to say. :)

Jocelyn had this to say on 04.29.05:

That is just too funny. You guys really are impressive- major house building work going on there- my eyes get wide on your site sometimes- like…wow.

Eilis had this to say on 05.06.05:

Mind and Teaguer–

Awesome job thus far you guys. Can’t wait to swing by and see the place and all the progress. You’re a pair…


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