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They’ve been teasing us for months, but it’s finally here….. a brand new Lowe’s opened its doors yesterday, 5 minutes down the road from us! The “grand opening” is on the 7th, but they’re letting all us desperate types in early out of pity.

Lowes opens in Oneida

We live in a small town of less than 5,000 people, so we don’t have many big stores around us. Prior to this Lowe’s opening, if we needed any unusual project materials (and things like fiberglass insulation rolls count as unusual, if you can believe that) we had to drive 30-40 minutes out the closest Home Depot. While I do feel bad for the local hardware stores, who will no doubt lose some business to the big box with cheaper prices, I’m very happy to welcome them to the neighborhood because it means less gas money and wasted time when we forget to pick up important materials.
This weekend, for instance, we ran out to Home Depot no less than 4 times over the course of 3 days. If you calculate the amount of gas it took to drive Teague’s giant truck out and back that many miles, and the amount of pollution we’re adding to the air on top of that, it’s pretty sickening. I still plan on supporting the little guys, like our beloved Kimes Hardware, as often as we can. But I’m a happy girl now that we can check out appliances, light fixtures, and fancy tools right in my own backyard! And you know where we’ll be on our Friday night “dates” now……..

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