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Hating on my living room

First-Floor Basics

We’ve had our living room walls patched and primed for about a month. The glaring whiteness was getting to me (I’m a big fan of color), but I tried to hold off on painting because we have many half-done projects I could be busy finishing.

Yesterday, my need for change got the better of me and I went out to get paint. I had taken the day off, and this seemed like the perfect way to spend it. Teague and I had already agonized over color chips for weeks and weeks, so I was pretty confident about what I was doing.

2 gallons of paint and 6 hours of effort later, I’m pretty sure I don’t like it. I wanted Victorian drama and elegance – I ended up with intense and slightly guady.

When I opened the can of paint, the color looked brighter and more saturated than the chip. I’m very picky about color, so I should have stopped right there. But, seeing one too many episodes of Trading Spaces, I convinced myself that it would darken up once it was on the walls. I painted one wall and took a few steps back to look at it with various lighting schemes. Yesterday, I thought I liked it. In fact, I thought I might grow to love it. But somewhere around 11pm that night I began to hate it.

This morning I thought I might wake up to find I liked it again. Unfortunately, no such luck.

Part of the problem is that we’ve got a mish-mash of goods in that room; we’ve got three different wood tones, 2 couch colors, curtains that don’t match the couches OR the walls, and a random sampling of knick-knacks scattered throughout. With white walls, you didn’t notice the color clashes quite so much – now, they seem to taunt me. Maybe once we streamline the furnishings I will like the color more… otherwise, it’s back to the paint store for a less saturated color.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

heather had this to say on 07.01.05:

The color in the photo looks great with the table and lamp so maybe you will like it more once the furnishing fit better.

I think any shade of blue can be a real hit or miss. I once painted my living room a “dusty steel blue”. I painted it all one evening. The next morning I woke up at DISNEY LAND! I kid you not, it was the same blue that Disney uses on their title screens for all their movies. I lived with it for about a week and then painted over it.

merideth had this to say on 07.01.05:

In our apartment in San Francsico, we painted the bedroom a bright though saturated green that looked solidly in the sage family. We dressed the room when we finished because that, frankly, makes ALL the difference. I heartily recommend against judging paint in a bare room. But i digress. The day after we painted we realized why the color was strangely familiar. It was the exact bright green of elementary school chalkboards. On all 4 walls, 14 ft ceilings. We repainted.

Jason had this to say on 07.01.05:

We painted our guest bedroom almost that exact color. Didn’t last long.. we painted over it a very nice baby poop yellow.

Jenn had this to say on 07.05.05:

I once painted a guest room in a color very similar to the one in the photo. I had purchased that shade of blue to cover up the green that came out looking like a bad episode of baby runs.

I hired a painter to come and just put back the original khaki color.

It took a few months for me to recover and paint any other walls in my home.

Chris had this to say on 07.05.05:

I’m partial to intense blues and greens so I actually like the color quite a bit and think it picks up the lamp shade fairly well … either that or the color on my monitor is off. Color though is something terribly subjective. what one thinks look great, another hates.

em had this to say on 07.05.05:

I know the feeling, we have painted every room in our house no less than two times (some even more) all in less than a year and a half. Our living room actually started out in a color very similar to the one you chose. It was an awesome color but was a little more overwhelming than I expected. I had chosen the color from a picture in a magazine,unfortunately it just made our living room look small. The living room is now a khaki color with white trim, thankfully this color worked out, I am totally over painting!

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