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Hello, Syracuse!


I just wanted to welcome all the newcomers that read about us in today’s Syracuse Post Standard article. There is plenty here to keep you busy – we’ve written over 200 posts in the last year, so go ahead and explore ;)

For those not in the area, the story is available online here, and you can view the front page in PDF format:

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Sarah Slaunwhite had this to say on 02.17.06:

I think you are doing a great job, keep up the good work :)

Liz had this to say on 02.17.06:

Hi, I read your article in the Post Standard today. I am from the Canastota High School, Design Drawing for Production 2 class. I think you are doin a great thing because you make your house feel more your own when you fix it up. I think it is sort of cool because you are fixing up a house so close to where I live(Galavotti Place). I know it will look great. Thanks bye.

CanastotaHighSchool had this to say on 02.17.06:

My name is kenny and i am from canastota. I read your article today and i wanted to say that i was impressed. because most people wouldn’t buy a house that needed work. i admire your determination.

Joe Lasnicki had this to say on 02.17.06:

Mindy and Teague,
We read your article in the Post Standard. I am the Technology teacher at the local high school. My class wants to take a walking field trip to look at your house. I have 15 high school students. E-mail me if you think tkis would be acceptable.

Joe Lasnicki

casey walker had this to say on 02.17.06:

Nice job on restoring that house from the canastota design and drawing class.

Mike M had this to say on 02.17.06:

Great article guys. I am already addicted to HGTV home shows. Now I might have to get addicted to this site. Great job guys.

See you on the hill
Mike McGrath

Pam (Ted's mom) had this to say on 02.17.06:

Hi Mindy and Teague~
Not only are you fixing the house to your own personal taste but the recognition of all your hard work is great fun too!!! I really enjoyed the pictures of our house on Teague’s website. Keep up the good work….I check in all the time.

Greg VanDyke had this to say on 02.18.06:


Congratulations man, you had always told me you were gonna get out of delta and start your own business, and I didn’t realize you had until I read you article. The house looks awesome. ever need anything give me a shout

Greg VanDyke
Formerly of Delta Sonic

Nita Phelps had this to say on 02.19.06:

I grew up in Canastota, and I remember your house. Looks like you are doing a fantastic job!

Aaron had this to say on 02.25.06:

Hey, just saw now that you got some press…congrats! :-)

– Aaron

Becky Tarbell had this to say on 02.27.06:

Holy cow. This will prove to you how little ‘Stota is.

I came back to this page to get the URL to show my mom your article, and I started to read the comments. Ummm…

The first comment is from a girl who I used to babysit–our families went to the same church back in the day.

And Mr. Lasnicki was MY shop teacher… and was still at the school when I went back to substitute teach after college… and he’s still there now! (And even though I’m almost 28, he’s still MISTER Lasnicki, of course.) Super-nice guy–you gotta let the class come tromp through your house!

That’s too funny.

Look–you’re Canal Town celebs now!

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