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Hidey-holes and secret rooms

How-To, Inspiration

Us housebloggers have discussed our love of secret hiding spaces before… maybe we watched too much Webster growing up. Maybe it’s the uniqueness of it that appeals to us. Or maybe it’s just an unconscious desire to have once place that feels safe and private in an age when privacy is anything but. Whatever the case, hidden rooms and secret passageways are on the rise.

A few companies specialize in bookcase doors, but where’s the fun in buying something readymade? If you’re looking for a fun project, Simon Shea gives you the basics on how to build your own, and includes photos, in his post titled “Holy shelf unit, batman!
Secret door bookshelf
Gary Katz has another good writeup with detailed pics – and he uses some very nice molding:
In other news, we acquired a very exciting house item this past weekend, but I forgot to download pics so stay tuned to see what we’re up to next……..

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