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Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

Tips & Tools

The other day I wrote up a Gift Guide for handy men… but realize as I write this today that I would like just about everything on that list too. It was actually quite sexist of me to put all the cool “big boy tools” on the men’s list. That’s because at our house, the big tools are things we usually purchase after Teague has done considerable marketing of the tool and convinced me it has positive usefullness-to-cost ratio. He’s more into power tools, while I gravitate toward neat little gadgets and organization supplies that make daily life amid the chaos just a little bit easier.  But lets be clear – ladies like power tools too! (We should proclaim it loud and proud with this patch.)

Lets forget the male/female task breakdown for a while… that’s another discussion for another day. I did find a few things that I thought were swoon-worthy for the females on your list.

Fix-it girl Gift Guide

  • Is she into jewelry? Try something from Opulent Oddities – an online boutique full of finds made from recycled antique keys, watches, door locks, etc. Or check out this washer necklace from BBBellezza.
  • A tool belt is always a good idea. I have this purdy pink one; the color ensures it never gets mixed in with Teague’s work tools!
  • I’ve been waiting my whole life (or maybe just the last 3 years) for a cordless drill that’ll fit in my hand and not stress my weak biceps – like this one from Tomboy Tools. Thankfully, I think Santa is bringing me something that’ll fit the bill.
  • The Doorganizer is a cool way to put reminders in the path of those who need them… cuts down on the incessant nagging.
  • In general, women are colder than men. And in general, old houses are ice huts. So a portable space heater would be greatly  appreciated.
  • Good, ergonomic paint brushes are like heroin to me. I can’t get enough of them. I have built up a nice set now, but this set from Tomboy Tools is tempting!
  • A sewing machine is handy to have. Even a beginner can make curtains, pillows, and other house jewelry.
  • And last but not least, this little house ornament from Anthropologie is just too cute not to include.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Jenne had this to say on 12.06.07:

Hey Mindy,
As far as the sewing machine [from someone who lives in a house with 9 of ’em…though most are treadles] I have to mention Janome machines. I’ve had mine for almost 10 years, and it’s the best machine I’ve ever sewn on. I’ve even made new leather seats for a 1973 mercury cougar on it. And I’ve sewn on almost everything ;)
I love the tool belt. Wish it came in purple :)

Katherine had this to say on 12.07.07:

We need a Doorganizer in my house, we need one bad. My beloved has a terrible, emphasize terrible time remembering things on his way out. However, for $15, I’m sure I could whip something up, and have it at eye-level!

natalie had this to say on 12.07.07:

hey girl, i bought my dad + husband that magnetic wristband…i’ll let you know how they like it. :-)

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