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As you’ve probably noticed, I have a serious addiction to pretty house things. Big things, little things, teeny tiny details that no one but me would ever notice…. the kind of stuff that makes your house unique and memorable and a reflection of you. Of course, it’s all just STUFF, and deep down I know STUFF should not make me happy, but it does. What can I say?

The good news is, plenty of other people share my addiction for pretty STUFF. So I live vicariously through them, and for the most part harness my endless desires for more home decor baubley-bits.

One of my newest eye-candy inspiration sites is decor8. The owner, Holly, has incredibly good taste AND she goes beyond the basic “hey, isn’t this cool” to really get to the heart of WHY it’s cool, and how you can create that type of cool in your own house. My favorite post thus far was Trends 2007: The Nurturing Naturalist; look at these amazing product collages she pulled together:

Naturalist decorating trend

Naturalist decorating trend
Head over to decor8 and get inspired while you wait for our bathroom “after” shots ;)

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