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Homemade Tombstones – Results


I am completely in love with our homemade tombstones. They came out great! We only made three this year, but if we make 3 a year for the next few years, we’ll have a full-on cemetary in no time. The neighbors will love us, I’m sure.

After carving them out, we rolled gray primer on them nice and thick. Then we spray painted them black, and layered gray spray paint back onto them to get that rough look. They’re life-size, and pretty darn creepy considering they started out as pink foam!

Here’s the results of our Halloween crafting:

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Aaron had this to say on 10.21.06:

Nice! :-)

Kristin had this to say on 10.24.06:

Cute! I hope I have time to make some next year.

Adam had this to say on 10.30.06:

What a fantastic idea. Of course, I’d be worried that people were going to steal them… But that’s the kind of neighborhood I live in.

Great blog too!

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