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Honey…I found a dead mouse…


Mindy began to paint the kitchen tonight to freshen up the walls and attempt to disguise the door that has been poorly sheetrocked over. As Mindy and I began to move the fridge away from the wall she suddenly paused and put her hands over her mouth saying, “Honey… I found a dead mouse and you’re going to have to get it because that stuff makes me nauseous!” At closer inspection I found the dead mouse to be merely an old cat toy. It was an opportune time for a photo if I do say so myself.

The mouse sighting:

(click for larger and get all the great cobwebby details)

Lunchtime! (click for larger)

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Mam had this to say on 11.25.04:

Well, now you’re communing with nature, Mindy!

jm had this to say on 11.29.04:

Man, I wish you guys lived closer. What goofy renovation fun we would have! With dead play mice. And a digital camera. And some wine. :)

Anonymous had this to say on 12.01.04:

JM – We would have plenty of stories to share, I’m sure! We could commiserate ;)

Eilis had this to say on 12.02.04:


colby had this to say on 12.31.04:

i saw your website. teague looks funny and happy. and mindy is pretty.

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