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The House

Italianate Victorian home
(Exterior of the house, Nov 2005)

This is our first house – we bought our lovely lady (lovingly nicknamed Dirty Gert) in November of 2004. It is an 1890’s Victorian Italianate located in a small village in Central New York. It has two stories and measures approximately 2,200 square feet. When we bought it, our house inspector remarked that “every single surface needed to be fixed”. We wanted a challenge, and that’s exactly what we got. The minute the real estate agent handed us the keys, we got to work – and haven’t slowed down much since.

We’re working to restore Dirty Gert to her former glory. Our house has been standing for well over one hundred years, and with the proper care can easily last one hundred more.

Some of our favorite little things about the house include:

  • The decorative wood trim and molding
  • The tin celing tile scattered throughout the house
  • The front porch, perfect for the 3 nice summer days we get around here
  • The beautiful bay window downstairs, which let in tons of light
  • Super high ceilings (although, this means super high gas bills…)
  • The cupola!

In the past two years, we’ve tackled some MAJOR projects – and we still have quite a few ahead of us. For an overview of the projects we’ve tackled thus far, go here.

For interior and exterior photos of our house and a diagram of the first-floor layout, visit the Photo Gallery.