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If it’s not one thing….


… it’s another. At least with this house it is. I made a depressing discovery last night. One of the tiles in the upstairs hallway’s ugly drop-ceiling was sagging in a funny way, so I hopped up to tap it back into place. As soon as my fingers hit the tile, it tumbled out of it’s spot, dousing me with dirty brown water. Ewwww. The last thing I wanted to do was go downstairs and tell Teague we had another problem, but it was unavoidable.

Teague thought he had patched the roof well enough after the last big storm, but we’ve sprung a leak. The Wet or Dry isn’t holding onto the rubber very well, it seems.

Nasty, soaked ceiling tile:

We’re planning to redo the entire roof, probably next spring, so he’s up there again today patching again (albeit with a different strategy). It looks as though we’ve had a leak there for a while though, because the tin ceiling panel is showing signs of rust. That sucks, because it’s a really pretty piece of tin and I’d like to keep it up there!

I’ll let you know what Teague’s final patching solution is…. wish him luck….

Lately we’ve been working on a few boring projects in preparation for our new renter, my brother, who is moving into the upstairs in a few weeks. I finished sanding our plethora of drywall patches and painted the upstairs kitchen. Teague fixed the downstairs shower drain, which was rusted onto the tub so required he pull out the whole thing. Big mess, big pain…. but now it’s fixed, so we’ll be able to shower downstairs. Yeehaw.

My “special helper”, looking pretty guilty

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Patricia W. had this to say on 11.21.05:

That is a big bummer. Roof leaks are hard to deal with because they result in so much damage down below and can be a bear to find. I wish you two luck in getting it sealed up to last through the winter and spring.

Your tiles are probably okay just treat them with a rust retarder and then repaint.

Graham had this to say on 11.22.05:

I agree that is one guilty looking dog! You might be able to just take your handy dremel tool and lightly grind off the rust spots on the tin. Had the same sort of thing happen i.e. funny looking tile….. except the whole dining room ceiling of old plaster came down when I started poking at it :)

mindy had this to say on 11.22.05:

Whoo boy – at least the rest of the ceiling stayed up there! I really would have crushed Teague’s spirit (and my own) if I had to go downstairs and tell him that the ceiling had collapsed ;)

Thanks for the tips about the tile. We salvaged a few rusting pieces out of an old ceiling for use as our (somewhat temporary) kitchen backplash, and they looked surprisingly pristine once cleaned and painted.

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