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Ikea Photo-Essay


This past weekend, a good friend and I took a trip to Toronto to visit the zoo, where we spent a good long while trying to get the animals to pay attention to us, or at least come out from behind the rocks for a split second so we could tell our friends what a Hairy Nosed Wombat looks like. It was a day well spent, and we had a few lovely encounters.

On our way back, we stopped at the Burlington Ikea. I snapped quite a few kitchen photos. Their cabinets seemed pretty sturdy for the price, and they had traditional-ish looking selections as well as the typical contemporary styles. It’s pretty mix-and-matchable, with add-ons galore.

I can’t say I totally loved them – they were obviously not custom hardwood cabinets…… but as a low-budget options I give them a thumbs up.

To see a few things I liked well enough to snap photos of, keep reading….

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