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Installing a new sink and faucet

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This weekend, our kitchen took another giant step away from a drab, dirty, box of a room we hate to an attractive and functional room we actually WANT to use and spend time in.

First, the goodies we purchased to make it happen:

A Whitehaus double-bowl farmer sink from and a very pretty Pegasus faucet from our favorite shopping-at-the-last-minute fallback store, Home Depot ;)

The sink was ordered last week and arrived on Monday. Gotta love quick shipments! We spent most of the weekend prepping for it’s arrival, so Teague hit the ground running when the UPS man dropped the giant box off on our front porch. By the time I got home from running errands, he was already half done with the install. He’s a madman.

It was simpler than I expected (easy for me to say – I mostly stood back and watched the progress). All in all, it took about 4 hours to cut the wood countertop and get the sink mounted, and another 2 hours to install the new faucet.

His first step was to decide on a rough layout for the sink and fixtures. He took careful measurements, decided on placement, and traced out the sink profile on one of our countertop slabs.

After that he used a scrollsaw to cut out the hole for the sink. He did this in the kitchen since it’s absolutely freezing out, so we’ve got the sawdust to prove it.

After cutting out the opening, he installed framing for the undermount bars that came with the sink. The cupboard sides we attached the bars to didn’t seem too sturdy, so the additional framing was mostly for peace of mind.

Once the mount bars were screwed in, we sat the sink in and set the countertop in place, and stood back to take a long, proud look.

The plumbing part wasn’t too bad either – there are two drains, so he had to T the original PVC line. The dishwasher drain line runs under the sink too, so it’s an interesting intersection, but by the end of last night it was ready to go and working great.

Today, Teague set a bead of caulk (yes, caulk again!) to the sink rim and set the counter.

Tada!!! We’re ready for washing and rinsing in style.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Gary had this to say on 01.17.06:

You know Mindy, if you really wanted to antagonize the gals at work, you would snap a photo of yourself holding a caulk tube. Then ask them if they would like to see a picture of you holding Teagues caulk…. The expressions would be priceless!

Trissa had this to say on 01.18.06:

Beautiful- I love those projects that seem to go pretty quickly and are oh-so-satisfying! Enjoy.

Kristin had this to say on 01.18.06:

Looks awesome! Love the wood countertops, too.

Heidi had this to say on 01.18.06:

Beautiful beautiful! I’m so envious of your sink! We’ve been waiting months for the Ikea version of that one because of the great price, but I just know we’re going to have to break down and buy a different one. And thank you for showing the installation–we will need all the help we can get when it comes to insalling ours!

Leah had this to say on 01.18.06:

Hey Mindy. Did you have a problem with excess grout NOT WANTING TO LEAVE all the little divits in your floor tile? We grouted over the weekend, and were not able to get the tiles completely cleaned before the grout dried, so now we have a big mess and LOOOOTS of scrubbing to do. Just wondering, since we used the same tile…


Aaron had this to say on 01.18.06:

Wow, very nice. We aspire to having a farm sink in our own kitchen some day, so nice to have the inspiration!

mindy had this to say on 01.18.06:

Thanks, all. More photos to come soon – Teague has been crafting up cabinets for us, include one on wheels and one that hides our garbage can. I’ve been too busy freelancing to help much, and I’m starting to feel really guilty! But freelancing = financing :)

Gary – You know, those jokes get thrown around CONSTANTLY at our house! It’s too easy to resist – our sense of humor resembles that of most 12-year-old boys. :)

Leah – we had a horrible time getting all the grout out. We had lots of scrubbing too. The good news is, it does all come out (I remember starting to lose hope) – the bad news is, it takes a few rounds of serious scrubbing. I used one of those palm scrubbers, lots of old towels, and hot water.

We laid our tile a few days before our big open house, so we were up all hours of the night trying to get the grout out in time!

deb had this to say on 03.31.06:

can i have the model number on the faucet from home depot? i can’t find it on the website. thanks.

ancestor antique bible candy cat had this to say on 04.12.06:



budesonide had this to say on 04.13.06:


atorvastatin had this to say on 04.27.06:


Bathroom Renovators had this to say on 10.25.11:

wooden counter-tops blends well with the white sink, nice changes it looks more beautiful and neat this time

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