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Insurance update


Hallelujah, I might actually be able to sleep at night – the insurance fiasco is OVER!

Well, not exactly over, but temporarily taken care of in that “at least we won’t have to default on our mortgage and lose the house” kind of way.

After many, many phone calls to various insurance companies, both local and national, we decided that our best short-term option was to go with what’s called Hazard Insurance. The policy is written through the New York Property Insurance Underwriters Association, which was set up by the NYS government to help out folks like us. This is the policy you get when voluntary insurance companies want you to fix three thousand and thirteen things in 45 days or less before they’ll promise to insure you.

Our NYPIUA policy will cover the bank’s investment in the house, and we added some coverage for our personal possessions. They don’t cover much, but it’s better than nothing. There is no liability coverage, unfortunately. As soon as the house is insurable by a private company, we will move to a better policy.

A note to folks trying to get this type of insurance…… it’s not as easy as it looks. No private insurance company wanted to write us one of these policies, because they don’t get any commissions from it. The NYPIUA itself never bothered to call me back, even though I left 5 polite-yet-frantic messages. There is an online application form, but you have to be an insurance company (“producer”) to submit the application in full. Teague’s mother ended up pulling some strings with her insurance agent, who was kind enough to write us the policy and only requested that we consider him when the time comes to get a better policy. Thanks to the both of them for helping us out of a tough spot!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Beth had this to say on 03.22.05:

Congratulations! And it looks like y’all are moving closer every day to having real insurance.

Kristin had this to say on 03.23.05:

Hurray, hurray! With all the work you guys are doing, soon the insurance companies will be able to see the wonderful potential in your house the way we all do!

Brian had this to say on 03.23.05:

congrats. thats the insurance we have.) look on the bright side. the bank will be paid and you keep the land.

Kelli had this to say on 10.24.07:

I know this is an old post but we just bought a historic house (as in 4 days ago) and I had a really hard time finding insurance because it is a big, amazing house in a “bad” area so their ratio of worth and cost was WAY off. I found some and it is pretty good but if is costing us more than twice what it should!

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