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It’s contagious

Downstairs Bathroom

Caulk-aholism, that is. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that Teague is a caulkaholic. The man can go through a dozen tubes in one day, and continues to sneak little beads in here and there months after any project is over and done with. He can’t help himself. And usually, I just stand back and laugh at his addictive behavior.

But today, oh…….. today it is I who have the problem. You might remember, about a year ago, we “quick fixed” the downstairs bathroom – if not, you can read about it here. I planned to caulk the seams of the bathroom ceiling wallpaper. This wallpaper was intended to cover up the paint-chipped mess of a ceiling that was already there. It’s no ordinary wallpaper – it’s that paintable kind that resembles tin. Note – this was back before we decided to rent out the top floor of the house, and NEVER EVER used the downstairs shower. So… made sense at the time.

Now that we’re using the downstairs shower, the wallpaper & steam don’t play well together. We’ll be installing a bathroom fan for ventilation within the next week or so, but I also read that lightly caulking wallpaper seams in bathrooms keeps them from peeling.

Armed with a caulk gun, I set out to do the seams. Then I started touching up little gaps in the woodwork, around the window, on the base molding….. 2 hours later I emerged with an empty caulk gun and very messy play clothes. I have been enlightened. Caulking is FUN!

On a similar note, it turns out that those Magic Erasers really ARE magic. I try not to fall for every new cleaning product that comes out, since I’ve been on a vinegar/ammonia/bleach kick lately. But my curiousity got the best of me and I bought a box of these the other night. I ended up running around the house squealing about how great they were – they even got rid of some stains that I thought were lost causes. I haven’t been this excited about a cleaning product since I discovered Goo Gone.

Stay tuned, because our new sink got delivered today and Teague’s working on getting it installed. It’s BEAUTIFUL!

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Trissa had this to say on 01.17.06:

Beautiful sink- how exciting! I’ve got some caulking to do- I hope I end up with the same positive attitude! :)

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