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It’s not demolition, it’s “deconstruction”


I saw this article on Bob Vila’s site and thought it had a good set of guidelines for the type of demolition work we’re doing on the back of the house:

Deconstruction for Reuse and Salvage

We didn’t get a permit before we started tearing down……. oops. Didn’t know we needed one!

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Gary had this to say on 03.19.05:

Permits are required when there are health or safety issues. You shouldn’t need a permit to replace or repair an existing structure unless you replace the floor joists or the roof sheathing. Technically you need permits for any electrical work. Codes are enforced so that everyone can live in a house that has met a minimum standard of safety. It keeps bad contractors in check. The fees that are charged pay the inspectors salaries to inspect your home.

Jenne had this to say on 03.19.05:

Permits? What are those?

But to be truthful, we removed a lot of walls inside, and we removed a porch on the side of the house, before the permit thing dawned on us. Now I feel bad – like, will I be able to sell my house? It was multi-family when we bought it, but now _inside_ it’s all one house again..will the be a problem? Plus, my house has 2 addresses. How will I ever get it back to ONE address?
I just need to get out more and talk to people around here who have gone through the same stuff.

mindy had this to say on 03.20.05:


Thanks for the info – we’ve been barreling along and never thought to check on permits. No one seems to be worried about it around here though!


We have two gas bills b/c the house was once a two family – enough of a pain. But two addresses? That’s madness!

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