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It’s that time of year………..


Last night, we finally broke down and turned the heat on – it was down to 55 degrees INDOORS, and we’re not fond of snowsuits. The good news is our boiler kicked on without a problem, and all of our radiators are warming up, and we didn’t hear any banging. We had alot of adjusting to do last year, but it looks like we won’t have to repeat it.

What I’m sure we’ll be repeating this year is our never-ending game of “find the draft”. Each time you get one plugged, another one becomes more obvious. But armed with a caulk gun, expandafoam and a giant roll of the pink stuff, you should be able to knock ’em dead!

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Beth had this to say on 10.11.05:

It’s a fun, fun game! We play a similar one called, “Find the Leak.”

Y’all are doing an amazing job on the addition.

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