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Just like the Jetsons


We just leapt into Future-Land! At least, that’s what it feels like. When we moved in, we inherited a somewhat-working dishwasher from the previous owners. Shortly thereafter, that thing crapped out and made for a lovely “microwave stand” until we rented a dumpster and trashed it. No big deal, we thought. There’s just two of us. We’re capable human beings with no severe allergies to dish soap. We can handle this.

Turns out that was delusional. Sure, we *CAN* wash dishes, but did we? Not often. Someone in our house is a little more consistent than someone else about it, but I’m not naming names. Lets just say that the “someone” in question tends to leave giant food-caked messes in the sink sans water or soap until they turn into rock-hard sculptures.

In any case, coming home from work and having to face an overflowing mound of dirty dishes was stressful. Obviously, I need to learn to relax if things like dirty dishes stress me out, but nevertheless…. I was thrilled to get a dishwasher for Christmas (from my lovely parents and grandparents, thanks guys!). Teague ran new plumbing on Sunday, so now right next to the sink…….

WE HAVE A WORKING DISHWASHER! So I am in a state of zen, peeking every so often at our empty sink with overwhelming happiness.

To complete our modern-day kitchen, we also replaced our broken microwave. We’ve been putting it off for about 3 weeks, and it’s amazing how much I missed it. Things as simple as a cup of tea became a major production. Tonight, I’m making popcorn.

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