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Master Bathroom Color Palette

Inspiration, Master Bathroom

One of our commenters was interested in the colors used in our bathroom, so I thought I’d share the detailed info on our paint choices. I’m terribly in love with the way they came together.

We started the process by choosing a shower curtain – because as you’ll quickly learn, it’s infinitely easier to find (or mix) a paint color that matches your fabrics than it is to find fabrics to match a paint color. I whipped up a few Photoshop mockups and asked everyone for input, which helped greatly with the decision making process.

Color Palette

From there, we decided on the following paints from Lowes:

  • Sweet Annie in American Traditions for the walls
  • Tile in Valspar flat for an accent chair
  • Bittersweet in Valspar flat for the vanity top and shelving
  • Fig in Valspar flat for a few little accent items
  • Pale Ivory in Valspar semi-gloss for the beadboard

We picked everything up at Lowe’s because we didn’t want to drive an hour in a snowstorm to pick up paint at Sherwin Williams. Convenience aside, I was very happy with the Lowe’s paint. The Valspar paint is exceptional, and although I’ve always been a Sherwin Williams girl I think I may be a convert. It has great coverage and the colors are very rich.

Do you have a color/brand you’re devoted to? I’m starting to think about colors for the craft room and need some inspiration!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Leslie had this to say on 03.21.07:

Honestly, though I have several old-house friends who look at my with both impatience and sympathy for what they perceive as my intense stupidity about paint brands, which they’re certain I’ll soon snap out of, I’ve always had very good luck with the Lowes American Traditions and Valspar paints. I’ve actually had better luck getting excellent coverage with dark/rich colors with the A.T. paints than anything else.

As for a favorite color, I used a LOT of A.T. “Pudding” in my last house, and I keep coming back to it for this one (I haven’t used it yet but it may end up as a trim color in some rooms) — it’s just a very lovely buttercreamy white that blends nicely with just about everything, cool and warm colors, soft and dusky tones, it just seems to compliment everything. There’s just the tiniest bit of yellow in it to give it a very creamy rich look, but even after 8 years in my old house as the primary color for the main living space AND bathroom walls, it never ended up looking like a “yellowed” white wall.

Greg had this to say on 03.21.07:

I go with SW mainly because it’s close to my home and one of the guys thinks I’m a contractor and gives me 10% off. I generally like the paint, but I was not thrilled with the Duration I just bought. I usually get the Super paint.

B had this to say on 03.27.07:

I have used the American Traditions by Valspar in a few rooms I’ve painted. I have found getting the primer tinted saves a step. The paint has been just as good as the BM/SW brands. I like that they have the National Register approved colors, also.

Kristin had this to say on 03.27.07:

We’ve had good results with Benjamin Moore, and the place we buy from is (or was actually) family-owned, so the people are very knowledgable. There are no 15-year-old kids saying, “um, let me go find out” when you ask a question.

I’ve been curious about the Valspar since I saw an ad in Family Handyman. Who knew advertising works?

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