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Well, based on great recommendations from a few of our commentors, including John of The Devil Queen and Erilyn of Reviving the Colonial, I went ahead and ordered some milkpaint for the bathroom vanity.

Light creamDriftwood milkpaint

I ordered a gallon of “light cream” and a pint of “driftwood” (pictured above, in that order) from I want to go light, but not too light – so I can mix some driftwood in to darken it up. We also ordered ExtraBond, an additive that will help the milkpaint bond to the already-painted surface. If you’re painting onto unfinished wood, you wouldn’t need that.

The company shipped it to us so fast, it arrived the day after we ordered. I’m still amazed at their turnaround time. I was worried we’d be waiting weeks, since speciality items like that tend to take forever to get to you.
I can’t wait to get started… as a color junkie, I have a feeling I’m going to fall in love with this stuff. Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

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e r i n had this to say on 12.30.06:

funny…I just bought that driftwood color the other day… Cant wait to see the vanity when its done!

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