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Mini-tools: fetish worthy

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Blame it on all the doll houses I had growing up… I have a real thing for teeny tiny versions of regular sized objects. Case in point: my cat-sized dogs. So these mini-tools from Atwood Knife and Tool totally make me want to whip out the credit card. I mean, how cool would one look dangling from my keychain?

Mini Pry Bar

It screams “I’m rushing home right now to fix things” and reminds me of my favorite non-power-tool, the cat paw. Even the names are cool – this one is called “Mini Son of Pry Thing”.

I’m bookmarking it – they’d make great stocking stuffers :)

Thanks to Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools ( great blog, bookmark that too!) for the find.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Aimee had this to say on 07.27.07:

that looks like it would come in handy! and i totally agree with your “little things” fetish. i love anything that’s been made little too.

Kristin had this to say on 07.27.07:

Ooh, I love teeny tiny stuff, too. I have a mini tape measure on my keychain, which has come in handy many, many times.

Shawn had this to say on 07.30.07:

I saw these on Cool Tools too and loved them. They’re a little pricier than I was hoping, but they’re definitely cool.

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