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More bedroom “After’s”

Second Floor Basics

Hey, look at this. I’m actually posting when I said I’d post. You can’t see it, but I’m patting myself on the back right now. Which is pretty hard to do while typing – luckily, I’m double jointed.

This is the larger of our spare bedrooms, a.k.a. “Tracy’s bedroom” because it’s the room my best friend crashes in when she’s too tipsy to drive home. (Downside to living in the ‘burbs: no taxi rides home.) It also serves as my walk-in closet. We don’t have a closet in our master bedroom yet, so we just took over other parts of the house. That’s one nice thing about having spare rooms – you can designate them as all sorts of things. You can take an entire room and declare it the “tank tops and sweatshirts storage area” if you want. Yep, we’re spoiled like that.

Anyway….enough babbling from me. The photos speak for themselves. I don’t have great “before” shots, but I do have this lovely one of the ceiling – you’re looking at the crumbling plaster that was hiding underneath a drop-ceiling when we bought the place. There was obviously a roof leak, which we fixed last summer.


Here, a photo showing where we replaced some crumbly plaster with new drywall and patched it all up good as new. You can also see a little bit of the floor in this pic -  it was pretty worn out painted wood.

Plaster repair

Now, the walls and ceiling are shiny and new, the trim is painted, and the floor has new wall-to-wall carpet.  The closet could use a door, but for now a piece of fabric hides the clutter well enough.

Bedroom, freshly painted and carpeted

Now when Tracy comes to stay, she won’t have to worry about little chunks of ceiling falling on her while she sleeps. Makes for a much more peaceful stay!

Bedroom, freshly painted and carpeted

That dresser, btw, is my favorite of all times even though the drawers stick like crazy and the mirror is kinda foggy. It was my great-grandmothers. I refinished it a few years ago and added the white porcelain knobs.  It’s got great curves!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Leah had this to say on 08.14.07:

I’m seeing a trend with those spare bedroom bed quilts…

Mindy had this to say on 08.15.07:

Leah – I’d love to say I made them myself, but I bought them at Walmart for $25/each (including pillow shams) a few years ago. I can’t pass up a good deal ;)

I used to quilt, but that was before THE HOUSE ate all my hobbies.

Laura had this to say on 11.29.07:

FYI – sometimes Menards/HomeDepot/Lowes will sell doors that have damage (a nick here a nick there) for WAYYY less than the cost. We got a SOLID oak door (reg $100+) for $25. We have weird door sizes so we cut off the damaged side. I have to tell you – I cannot paint it white yet. It looks too nice.

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