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Mortar madness


When I got home from work tonight, Teague was out spreading mortar on the chimney. I changed into my play clothes (like all good fixer-uppers do) and grabbed a trowel. It’s kinda like building a sand castle, only messier.

The verdict? I’m pretty sucky at masonry work. But, I didn’t have much time to practice because it was nearly dusk when I started…….. I’m sure I will improve with time.

Teague, on the other hand, is excellent at making nice smooth surfaces. How can he be good at EVERYTHING he tries?? I can still kick his butt in Scrabble though. All is not lost. ;)

The first layer of mortar is done, and we’ll be doing a second layer followed by red chimney paint. Has anyone used chimney paint? Any pointers or warnings?

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Steve had this to say on 09.20.05:

Are you on Oil or gas for your boiler, for your heating?
You could remove that chimney and go with a different type of venting system.
Or… I live 3 hrs North of you, restoring a 1870’s brick Italinate. Two years ago I had the pleasure of removing a 20 by 12 foot double brick exterior wall to redo the foundation on my back addition. Now I’m stuck with 3000, hundred year old bricks in piles all over my property. Free for the taking…

Leah had this to say on 09.21.05:

Hey Mindy,
I’m with you. Ryan is excellent at everything he tries. “Electrical? Sure I can do that!”…”Install kitchen cabinets? Looks easy!” Not like he’s ever done any of that before. I don’t know how these boys are so talented. Maybe they have some indescribable trait Web Designers inately look for in spouses ;) But it’s good to hear I’m not the only female family scrabble champion!

mindy had this to say on 09.22.05:

Oooh, Steve, that’s tempting…….. I wonder if our poor, overworked minivan would collapse from the strain?! I think for now we’ll stick with the mortar b/c of time constraints, though – we’re trying to get on real homeowners insurance, so we have nice things like liability insurance. Since the neighborhoods kids (and a few adults) INSIST on cutting through our lawn, construction zone bedamned.

Leah – I think they must sneak off to McGyver training classes while we’re at work……or there’s some secret society only men know about, where they tell you all the secret tricks.

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