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Name our newest friend


Last year, we noticed a rather large hole under one of our sheds. Though it was obvious we had a tenant, we never got a good look at him. This spring, he (or she) has gotten quite a bit braver. Teague even managed to snap a few photos:
Groundhog going under the shed

(Notice that our transplanted trees, at right, are still alive! A few are looking rough around the edges, but the pines are doing very well.)
Groundhog going under the shed

Though some people see them as pests, I’m an animal lover without a vegetable garden so having a groundhog in my yard totally excites me. I’m secretly hoping there are a few baby groundhogs hiding under the shed, and that’s why we’re seeing more of our pudgy friend. According to Hinterland’s Who’s Who, babies are born in April or May and don’t start toddling around on their own for 5-6 weeks, so there’s a slim chance they’re hiding in there!
I found the burrow map pretty interesting – they dig spyholes! How cool is that?

Here’s some closeups – now, I need your help naming him or her! Any ideas?

Closeup of our groundhog

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Jola had this to say on 06.13.06:

My husband and I are working on our own fixer-upper (a remuddled Queen Anne), in Columbia County. We too “asked for it”…

We had a groundhog living under our enclosed front porch most of the last year. He or she finally moved out in the spring because my husband was using the porch as a temporary shop – and man, those power tools get noisy. But we used to “accidentally on purpose” scatter a few apples in the snow for him, which he’d get (telltale beeline tracks). We still see him around but don’t know where his new digs are…

The burrow map is fascinating. It’s like a little apartment (1 bed/1 bath). I’m impressed! Animals are so much smarter than we humans generally give them credit for.

Anyway, I’m enjoying your blog, and good luck with all your renovations!

Josh had this to say on 06.13.06:

I would name him Herman for a boy, and Alice if a girl

Derek had this to say on 06.14.06:

We have a skunk living under our garage, we haven’t seen him yet, there’s a large hole, and he marked his territory, ie. our yard.

merideth had this to say on 06.15.06:

now, i immediately thought of that funny, funny movie “Groundhog Day” which would suggest naming the ghog “Phil”. But i really think you should name him/her “Bill Murray”

Leave Bill Murray some apples, honey.

Look at Bill Murray’s cute babies!

Bill Murray! Dont eat the tomatoes!!

mindylaw had this to say on 06.15.06:

Hmm, although I love the name Herman, I think I like Meredith’s suggestion – because I too immediately think of Groundhog Day (an excellent movie btw) and have a real thing for Bill Murray. He’s just so damn funny!

Thanks for all the great suggestions and stories ;)


merideth had this to say on 06.23.06:

YAY!! Bill Murray!

Bill Murray lives under Mindy’s shed.

purejuice had this to say on 07.02.06:


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