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Need paint? Get it now!


Sherwin Williams is having a 30% off sale from the 13th – 17th, so if you’re planning to paint it’s a great time to get the good stuff. I myself am a paint snob…. the Behr just doesn’t do it for me anymore! After painting countless rooms, I’ve decided it’s worth the extra cash.

Also, for those who don’t know, if you sign up for a SW credit card you get 20% off everything all the time. I swear, I don’t work for them – just love good paint and want y’all to get a good deal.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Greg had this to say on 10.12.05:

I bought SW paint for my kitchen when it was %30 off about 6 months ago. I still spent almost $250, though. I love the Pro Classic Oil Based Enamel. It is like painting with honey.

K. had this to say on 10.12.05:

Do you buy the Cashmere? What luxury!
Apropos to today’s dilemma, have you tried the Harmony low VOC? D. laughed at me when I wanted to buy it, but now I’m thinking it might be a necessity.

mindy had this to say on 10.14.05:

Yes, K – I love the Cashmere. We used that in the dining room. I haven’t tried the Harmony – the smell doesn’t bother me much. I think I’ve grown immune from all the painting I do. It’s a great idea though, especially for painting during colder months when you can’t have every window open.

Greg, I haven’t tried the oil-based enamel but maybe we will with the upcoming kitchen job. You’re right, it definitely adds up. But with the discount, it’s about as affordable as the basic brands at Home Depot. And it’s worth it for a little mental sanity, right?

sarah jane udall had this to say on 10.14.05:

I have a question about paint actually. What is the difference between the finishes of paints, i.e. eggshell, matte, etc.? Is one better than another for walls? What about walls in different rooms of the house, like the kitchen vs. the living room, or bedroom, or bathroom? I have a very small studio apartment in New York City, and want to try and distinguish the ‘kitchen’ from the rest of the apartment. Is there a good way to do that with paint besides just the color? This is my first time on your blog, and I am enjoying it a lot. Looking forward to a response. Thanks.

mindy had this to say on 10.14.05:


Behr has a great breakdown of paint sheens and why you’d use them. Take a look:

Behr’s Sheen Chart

I personally don’t like the look of “shiny” paint so I stick to flat or eggshell whenever possible. This means more touching up, but the flat paints also hide bumps better so it’s worth it for us. Our walls are pretty bumpy in places!

For your kitchen, look for something scrubbable – it’s the room we make the biggest mess of, I’ve found. The paint gets spattered with all sorts of random foodstuffs, so you want stain resistance too. If you wanted to try a different paint texture, there are quite a few faux finishes you could try if you’re into that look. This page goes over a few of them.

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