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New Year, New Projects


We’re only a few days away from the new year, so it’s natural to reflect on our successes and failures. Of which we’ve all had many… personal, professional, and of course house-related.

So, in the spirit of new-years-listmaking, I give you our top-tens!

Fixer-Upper’s WORST surprises of 2005

10. Each time you fix a radiator, another one breaks
9. No amount of pink insulation can save us from owing our first-born to the power company
8. Our social lives have become non-existant because we’re so obsessed with getting things done
7. All the PINK!
6. There’s poison ivy in our backyard
5. The room in the back was FILLED with nasty junk
4. A cracked pipe leaking sewage into the basement – mmmmmm
3. Homeowner’s insurance is hard to get when the back of your house is falling off
2. Cat urine comes up out of the hardwood floors on hot, humid summer days
1. Everything costs twice as much and takes three times as long as you think it will

Fixer-Upper’s BEST surprises of 2005

10. When the pressure is on, we can get A LOT accomplished
9. Rewiring electrical isn’t as hard as electricians lead you to believe (though it is awfully time consuming)
8. Jackhammers aren’t as scary as they look
7. Patching giant holes in the wall is easier than it seems
6. I am capable of leveling a floor
5. Salvage yards do exist around us
4. The cupola is very, very cool and mostly intact
3. French doors made the kitchen lovely
2. Teague is so good at this stuff, he turned pro!
1. We truly love spending all of our time, energy, and money to make our house a home

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Emily had this to say on 01.02.06:

Been an avid reader for quite a while and am glad that you found Historic Houseparts (yea!). I grew up in Rochester and have family all over the place in upstate – including canastoda :) Am now living outside of Philly in a 1917 semi-detached and am always doing something! Was super excited to go home for Christmas and visit HH but they were on vacation – gasp! Best of luck with all your New Year’s New Projects and keep up the great work.

mindy had this to say on 01.03.06:

Emily – we love Historic Houseparts! Sorry to hear they were closed for the holidays, I hope next time you’re in town you have better luck!

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