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Newest This Old House house


Just thought you guys would be interested in the latest project that This Old House is undertaking. It’s a cute, fairly average looking old house in their fave city, Boston.

This Old House - Historic Restoration, Boston
Personally, though the Cambridge House and DC House were cool, I’m excited because this one ought to be a little more relative to what we’re doing at our own house. Well, except for the giant budget, camera crew, and a team of master carpenters on hand to fulfill our every construction whim.
You can view a few preview pics of the house here:,25895,1179110-0,00.html
And, if you’re so inclined, you can check out the houses that didn’t meet the cut here:,25895,1172589-0,00.html 

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Neil M. had this to say on 09.21.06:

I used to love watching TOH. Recorded it so I could rewind as I wanted. But the projects got so over the top, there was little inspiration I could take from it. $200,000 spent converting a garage is not in my stratosphere. It now seems like TOH is a version of BH&Gardens. Pretty to look at, but nothing to learn.

Ralph's House had this to say on 09.21.06:

You guys probably know it, but that house has its very own blog,…it’s fun to watch the team work through problems.

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