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No-Kill Mousetrap


Old houses NEVER have mice in them. Of course not, how would they get in? Certainly not through the 8.3 billion little cracks and crevices throughout the house. And then were would they live? Definitely not in cozy little nests in your walls. Nope, never.

We had a few mice keeping residence in our upstairs bathroom before we gutted it. We’d hear them twittering behind the wall, and they would occasionally make an appearance in the kitchen hoping to nibble on any Kibbles n’ Bits the dogs didn’t scarf down. I, being a big animal sympathizer, did not want to kill them. We went through a pile of no-kill traps, each failing miserably in it’s own way. Eventually we gutted the bathroom and this major disruption to their peaceful existence seems to have driven them elsewhere because we haven’t seen them since.

If they do come back, I’m trying this cheap and easy DIY trap idea found at Instructables:

No-kill mouse trap

Anything rigged up using a toilet paper roll is worth a shot, right?  Once the mouse is trapped in the garbage can, you can check out how cute it is before driving it out to the country to start a new life far, far away from your house.

Visit the Instructables website for full instructions: DIY No-Kill Mousetrap

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Katherine had this to say on 08.08.07:

I love it!

Alex S. had this to say on 08.08.07:

If the fall kills him, you can do the other thing that the website says to do. Make a mouse into a computer mouse…. seriously…. OMFG, seriously….

Beth had this to say on 08.08.07:

We have a mouse who lives in our garden who only eats tomatoes.

It is a testament to how cute he is that he is allowed to continue his garden adventures after ruining upwards of three tomatoes.

Kathy from NJ had this to say on 08.08.07:

My sister used to use the Have a Heart traps, then she would drive them to a far-away field and release them. They thanked her by stripping all the insulation off the wires in her car and creating other havoc. She had a long talk with her vet who listed the danger of these critters (lyme disease, hanta virus) and she now uses quick kill snap traps.

Mindy had this to say on 08.09.07:

Oh my god, there really IS a tutorial on making a mouse-mouse. GROSS. Ah, the power of Web 2.0…….

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