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No more dirty footprints

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The first words out of Teague’s mouth this morning were “I swear, I took them off at the front door”. He was marveling at the plaster-caked footprints from one end of the house to the other. But his work boots, parked guiltily in front of the back door (the end of the trail) say otherwise.

This isn’t a new phenomenon – huge messes are a regular occurance at our house. I make them too. It’s to be expected with a fixer upper, and usually it doesn’t phase me. We covered every inch of the kitchen in dust this Saturday, and I didn’t even blink. But since I had JUST spent 3 hours Hoover-Floormating grout dust and basement dirt off the floors, my fingers were itching to throttle something. I’m over it now, and I’ve accepted a few things….

Truth #1:
I’ll never get Teague to take his dirty shoes off when he comes in the house.

Truth #2:
I’ll never be excited about extra cleaning chores.

Truth #3:
We both have better things to do with our time than clean the floors (or argue about cleaning the floors).

So I ordered up a box of these:


They’ll probably be taped to our front and back doors with a big sign that says “NO DIRTY SHOES”. So if you happen to stop by to say hello, rest assured the sign is not meant for you ;)

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Jenne had this to say on 02.27.06:

Ha. I can relate. I scrubbed the windows today, and showed them to Rob when he came home. He remarked on how great they looked…and on his way out he stuck his hand on them. Then he stood there and denied he had touched htem. I said, “Rob! I just saw your flesh pressed against the glass! I saw it change from pink to yellow, you were touching it THAT hard.”
He still denied it.
So now he gets to scrub windows later.

Derek had this to say on 03.01.06:

Hey, we wear those on set, to keep the floors clean. People complain about the sizes being too small, crazy people with size 14 shoes.

Currency Trade had this to say on 04.03.06:

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Currency Trade

Lasik had this to say on 04.26.06:



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