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NYS Star Rebate – Like pennies from heaven

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When we got a letter in the mail telling us to sign-up online for our NYS Middle-Class Star Rebate,  a property tax relief program, I marched straight to my laptop to fill out the form. I mean, how often does the government throw us a bone and admit that maybe, just maybe, New York State property taxes are ridiculously high for all us regular peeps.

I was shocked when our check, in the amount of $401.62, came less than 2 weeks later. Hooray for online registration, which made the whole process very speedy. The money is going straight to the credit card debt we racked up during our last round of home improvements, so it’s not TOO exciting…. but making a nice big payment on a looming debt does have it’s thrills.

If you’re a NYS property owner eligible for the rebate, you should have received your letter in the mail. Think you might have thrown it out? Check the mailing schedule for dates:

You must apply by November 30th, but why wait? The online application took all of 5 minutes.

Learn more about the program and apply for your rebate here:

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

merideth had this to say on 09.20.07:

i cant tell you how much i wish California would do something like this. Our prop taxes are insane. Good on you for getting a little break!

Derek had this to say on 09.20.07:

doesn’t it feel awesome to get money back. We got $500 back when the averaged the value of our house over 3 years instead of the current value. We have a home owner grant program here too, it’s quite a bit less if you live in the house.

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