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Obligatory progress report


Though it sometimes seems we’re moving at a snails pace, we’ve been priming, painting and putting up more trim on the kitchen addition. I took a day off of work to paint, paint and paint, so the outside now looks like this:

Ooooh, color!

And one side is completely trimmed and painted except for the dark red accent paint – lookee here:

We still have alot to get done before cold weather hits, including putting electrical/flooring/walls in the addition and parging the whole chimney, but we’re finding it hard to stay motivated. You’d think having a giant hole for a kitchen would spring us into action, but we’ve gotten so used to living in chaos that it doesn’t even register anymore…… funny how that happens, isn’t it?

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Trissa had this to say on 08.24.05:

It’s looking great. My recommendation would be to take a short break when you’re done with this part and see if you then have more motivation for the wiring and everythin else. It looks great & like it was part of the original house!

Greg had this to say on 08.24.05:

Looks nice. When you say “addition”, is that something you added or is it an old addition? It looks old, but maybe you just did a really nice job.

Jocelyn had this to say on 08.24.05:

It blends in so well with your home- you guys are doing a beautiful job I have to say. I remember when I first saw your site and the condition of that room- truly amazing.

mindy had this to say on 08.25.05:

Thanks guys ;)


It’s a “rebuild?”…….. there used to be a small back room and a small side porch behind the kitchen. It had been completely shut off from the rest of the house b/c of roof leaks, and by the time we moved in it was very nearly falling off the house. Everything inside that room had rotted through; even the giant old floor beams crumbled into bits when moved.

To see the old room, scroll quite a ways down on this page:

For insurance purposes, something obviously had to be done. We tore everything down but the roof, including the old foundation, and then rebuilt things from the ground up underneath the old roofline. The addition (or whatever you wanna call it) will add 6 feet to the kitchen.

The neighbors are thrilled that it no longer looks like a haunted house back there!

We’re very happy with how it looks. We did a lot of work to salvage the remaining (non-rotted) clapboard and trim, which is why it looks like it has always been there. The french doors are from Historic House Parts in Rochester. Teague recreated various trim (like the windows) BEAUTIFULLY – I still can’t believe how closely it matches the real thing. The man’s got an eye for restoration :)


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