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Diary, First-Floor Basics

Another week has flown by…. we’ve been hopping from project to project, including Teague’s new business (which is really taking off!).

I promised a photo of the newly repainted living room, so here’s a comparison shot – you can see how much louder the first color was:


I like the new color much better, and it still matches the dark wood tones that are predominant in the room. Like this:

Teague is getting ready to side the third and final wall of our new kitchen addition. We’re running out of the original clapboard, so we’re looking into a few options to match things up. There is quite a bit of “close, but not exact” siding that we pulled off when we tore down the old walls, but if we want to match exactly then we’ve got two options. 1 – find a supplier of historic siding (or maybe a salvage place that carries it?) or 2 – make our own from rough cut lumber. We’ll be weighing the options, including time and cost. As always……..

If the raging thunderstorms stay away for a while, I’ll be finishing up the front door and scraping/priming the kitchen addition. Oh, and hopefully I’ll be cleaning, because our house is getting incredibly nasty. In our last apartment, I was a neat freak. Now, I’m learning to be comfortable with dirt and grime…… maybe a little too comfortable!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Mandaliet had this to say on 07.15.05:

That color looks great. I know what you mean about the cleaning. It seems like half the battle just to keep things from going totally out of control. I need a maid. Or those peeps from HGTV who come and organize your house.

Trissa had this to say on 07.16.05:

I love the new blue- it looks great. Hopefully a salvage yard will have the matching siding you need for cheap & it will be an easier project!

Ralph had this to say on 07.16.05:

I love that color blue it looks great. Can you tell me what shade it is and which manufacture??? Please!

mindy had this to say on 07.17.05:

Hi Ralph,

It’s “Teal Mosaic”, Behr Premium Plus. We used a flat finish because are walls are a little lumpy and flat hides that the best ;)

I usually go for Sherwin Williams paint, but after shelling out so much for the first color I didn’t like, I didn’t want to do it again. The Behr covered fine and looks great. We’re very happy with the newer color, thank god!


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