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Oooh, overhead lighting

Electrical, First-Floor Basics

Yes, we’re moving up in the world. We’ve now got overhead lighting in the living room and the bedroom, without any 80’s overhead fans attached, and WITH A SWITCH! Yeehaw.

Because the old knob and tube “knobs” are still in the wall behind plaster and lathe, it’s not easy fishing wire around without getting caught up on one of those. After a whole lot of swearing, Teague ended up using the patented Kurt Shea notch trick, named after the very handy friend who taught us this technique.

Basically, you notch out a nice neat path in the plaster for the wire to sit in. You run the wire in, securing it tightly to the lathe, and patch back over it. After a good sanding and a coat of paint you’d never know the difference.

Here’s a good pic to illustrate it – before paint, of course:

And this pic is for the person who accused me of neglecting/abusing my dogs (in the dog-crate hideaway article’s comment section):


See the closed eyes and content smile? That, my friend, is a happy dog. He loves to bask in the sun, but alas it’s mid-winter so he settled for the spotlight. He cuddled up so close to it we were afraid he was going to start smoking!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Heidi had this to say on 02.06.06:

Heh, great photo–what a cutie. Yeah, you really ought to stop abusing your poor little puppy like that ;-)

Kristin had this to say on 02.07.06:

Great wiring trick! And also very sweet poochie in the faux sunshine pic. Sunday we opened the curtains in the living room, and within minutes the kitties were lying in the patch of sunshine together, with Henry’s arm thrown over his brother’s back. I wish we could’ve got a picture of that.

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